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    Arrowhead Primary School's


    Beyond the Classroom

    Arrowhead Primary School is home to one of the most extensive and successful elementary school garden programs in the state. The Nature Zone provides our students with an outdoor area for study and exploration on 3.5 acres located behind the school. Created in 1998, the Nature Zone has grown to include: Greenhouse Classroom, Vegetable Gardens, Berry Patches, Pavilion, Chicken Coop, Themed Gardens, Wetland Area, Reading Patio, Science Stations, Pumpkin Patch, and Cutting Gardens.


    Each and every Arrowhead student participates in Greenhouse classes and their educational experience is enhanced by time spent in the Nature Zone. 1st - 4th graders attend Greenhouse classes twice a month. They also participate in Chicken Duty throughout the year and enjoy an Egg Breakfast in the Spring.


    Through “hands on” learning experiences and activities in our Greenhouse and Nature Zone, students learn about soil, plant parts, water cycles, garden ecosystems and sustainability with lessons that incorporate science, math, language and visual arts and geography. By raising chickens and planting, caring for and sampling produce grown in the gardens, students learn how their food is grown and are encouraged to try new foods and make healthier choices.


    Arrowhead is able to provide this unique outdoor learning environment and quality greenhouse program because of funding from the PTA and through grants and donations from various community businesses and Arrowhead families. The Nature Zone is maintained and its programs are created and run by volunteers. Without volunteers, our program would not exist.


    Family friendly activities that take place in our beautiful Nature Zone include “Fall About Pumpkins”, an evening dedicated to everything pumpkin, live music, upcycled craft nights, Scout camp-outs, Fall and Spring Clean Up Days, and much more!


    Our PTA also uses our Nature Zone for a variety of events during the school year. In addition to Greenhouse classes, students enjoy Walker’s Club, the Fun Run, the annual Family Picnic, use of the Reading Patio during library time, Summer Garden Camps, taking care of the chickens, Field Day, and Class Picnics.


    Our vision is to continue to create an interesting, exciting and healthy environment for our children to learn and have fun in and for our families to enjoy. In order to do this we need YOUR help. We have so many ways for you to be part of this wonderfully unique area of our school, please consider sharing your time and talents with us by becoming a Nature Zone or Greenhouse Volunteer.