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S.T.E.M. Soap Box Derby

The Copley High School Engineering Team competed in the All American Soap Box Derby Gravity Racing Competition STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Race at Derby Downs, Akron Ohio on Thursday, May 12th.  The STEM competition is available for students and teachers grades K-12.  The competition helps to teach students about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics and how they can apply STEM to everyday life and school.  The STEM program is a hands on learning experience for every individual who participates with their team.


The STEM competition is held every year at the Akron Derby Downs track.  Each team is provided with a kit and instructions on how to build a car.  They then build a car from the floor up.  To build a simple Super Stock car kit, it takes an average of 15-18 hours to build and achieve the best setup for the race.  The Open Class division car takes about four weeks of class time to design, build, and paint to finish a car.  Each car has a specific weight limit to race: Super Stock is 240 pounds and Open Class is 280 pounds.  By using metal weights, which weigh between 15-25 pounds, the CHS Team achieved the weight limit for each car.  Styrofoam was used for the Open Class car so it could make the weight limit; the overall car weight was about 188 pounds.

The CHS Engineering Team put in countless hours of commitment, dedication, and time to prepare for this racing and design competition, which enabled the Team to compete against other schools.  The Team Members and the results of the race are as follows:



Christian Viering, 2nd place Super Stock Division

Madeline Wiley, 8th place Super Stock Division

Sydney Demechko, 1st place Open Class Division



Aaron Lampner

Jalen Serra

Hiba El Rassi

Ghostbusters Car - Driver Sydney Demechko

First Place - Design


Green Car - Driver Christian Viering

2nd Place - Open Class Division


Lighting Car - Driver Madeline Wiley

8th Place - Super Stock  Division