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Copley Teacher’s New Book Reminds Us We’re All Somebody

After first-grade teacher Lura Beaven gave birth to her first child, she began daydreaming, as many new parents do, about what her daughter might grow up to be. Would she be a doctor? A lawyer? A scientist? An artist? While pregnant with her second child, a son, Beaven’s thoughts about her children’s future inspired her to put pen to paper. 

Beaven’s recently published book, “Somebody,” is about a character who falls asleep thinking of their future and has a dream where the letters of their name come to life to share ideas of future careers. As an educator of 16 years, four of which have been spent at Copley-Fairlawn primary schools, Beaven understands the importance of preparing students for the future.

“It is important to expand students’ minds about career opportunities because the whole world is waiting for them,” said Beaven. “I want [my students] to understand how many options are really out there.”

Beaven’s book offers readers two important lessons, the first being that children should dream big. Through dreaming, hard work and determination, Beaven believes children can find a career that they love and enjoy. The second lesson is that no matter who you are or what you’ve accomplished, you’re already a Somebody who is important to this world.

Even as an educator who is teaching others how to achieve their goals, Beaven finds herself getting a life lesson from her own child each day.  

“At birth, we found out [our son] had Down Syndrome, which means he has challenges facing him in life that most of us won’t,” said Beaven. “My son is the strongest and sweetest Somebody that I’ve ever met, and he teaches me each day to be a kinder and more compassionate Somebody who looks at things in a positive light.” 

Beaven hopes that her book will show children, and even adults, that they can be whatever they want, regardless of gender, race or ability. It’s never too late to learn new things.

“We are all somebody trying to learn and improve each day and that’s pretty cool,” said Beaven.