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CFMS Places FIRST at Science Olympiad Regional Tournament

Our Science Olympiad teams also competed at the University of Akron Regional Tournament. The JV team placed 10th in the region. The varsity team placed FIRST in the regional competition and will represent Copley-Fairlawn Middle School at the Science Olympiad state competition at The Ohio State University on April 11th. Congratulations to our students, parent coaches and Mrs. Fortin!


Simon Bagatto - 1st entomology / 4th anatomy/ 4th disease detectives

Lauren Elicker - 1st Picture this / 2nd bio process/ 4th disease detectives/ 1st can't judge powder/ 9th crime busters

Chase Fickes - 2nd air trajectory/ 2nd dynamic planet

Amanda Hohenshil - 1st experimental design/ 1st green generation/ 3rd bridge building/ 3rd wheeled vehicle/ 7th robo cross

Allison Hohenshil - 1st Write It, Do It/ 1st solar systems/ 1st experimental design/ 1st meteorology/ 7th robo cross

Cole Hopkins - 1st Picture this/ 5th simple machines

Adam Lampner - 1st Fossils/ 1st Picture this / 1st Write It, Do It/ 2nd Road Scholar/ 2nd E. Glider

Riley Meeker - 3rd bridge building/ 5th simple machines/ 6th bottle rocket

Tyler Meeker - 1st crave the wave/ 1st meteorology/ 2nd air trajectory

Audrey Milligan - 1st crave the wave/ 6th bottle rocket

Cassidy Talsma - 1st entomology/ 1st experimental design/ 1st green generation

Ben Vrobel - 2nd Road Scholar/ 1st can't judge powder/ 9th crime busters

Jasmine Walker - 1st solar systems/ 2nd bio process/ 3rd wheeled vehicle/ 4th anatomy

William Yang - 1st Fossils/ 2nd E. Glider/ 2nd dynamic planet


Junior Varsity

Dina Bayachou - 12th write it, do it/ 2nd can't judge powder/ 3rd crime busters

Max Brozeit - 3rd Fossils/4th wheeled vehicle/ 12th dynamic planet/ 6th e. glider/ 11th meteorology

Clay Clugsten - 4th wheeled vehicle / 9th crave the wave/ 7th experimental design/ 12th dynamic planet/ 11th meteorology

Anthony Daniels - 4th bridge building / 9th crave the wave/ 10th robo cross

Elizabeth Daniels - 7th experimental design

Joshua Hertz - 12th Bio process/ 11th disease detectives/ 8th solar system

Hannah Oldham - 9th air trajectory/12th bottle rocket/12th Write it, do it

Hanna Potts - 3rd fossils/ 12th bottle rocket

Binnaz Shaik - 7th anatomy/ 12th bio process/ 7th experimental design/ 8th green generation/ 3rd crime busters

Jerry Talsma - 4th bridge building/ 7th entomology/ 8th green generation/ 10th picture this

Natalie Vrobel - 13th road scholar/ 10th picture this/ 8th solar system

Austin Zhang - 13th road scholar/ 10th picture this/ 10th simple machines

Sean Watson - 9th air trajectory/10th simple machines/10th robo-cross

Ian Loose - 6th elastic glider/ 2nd can't judge a powder

Eddie Stepanovas- 7th anatomy/ 7th entomology/ 11th disease detectives