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Internet Safety - "Momo Challenge"


Internet Safety


As you know, the internet can be a powerful tool.  Unfortunately, risks come along with technology such as inappropriate materials.  Recently, the “Momo Challenge” has surfaced as the latest topic.  Ultimately, it appears that the Momo Challenge is a hoax.  Major online platforms such as Google and YouTube say that they have not found any evidence of videos or content showing or promoting this challenge.  However, this provides us a great opportunity to discuss internet safety with our students at school and home.   The district has taken steps to make sure that students are not able to search the terms “Momo” or “Momo Challenge” and there are other safe technology filters in place that would block harmful content as well as platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp on district devices.  Josh Ochs is an internet safety expert who has worked with the district before to promote smart online choices.  His website, Smart Social, has more information about the Momo Challenge if you are interested.