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    The Copley-Fairlawn City Schools contracts with Akron Children's Hospital for the provision of school health services. Jennifer Henderson MSN, RN, NCSN is available throughout the district on a daily basis while school is in session. Mrs. Henderson also supervises four Medical Assistants (MAs) who provide school health services to students in the district.
    School health services include, but is not limited to: 
    The clinic staff checks immunization records, organizes and administers medications and treatments, performs vision and hearing screenings, administers first aid and gives lots of TLC. If your child does come to the clinic our main communication home is a pink colored clinic pass to let you know your child was seen. However, we will call home if a student is injured, has an illness that requires going home, requests medication you have provided in the clinic, or if EMS was called for your student. Please contact Mrs. Henderson with any medical concerns @ 330-664-4999 ext.527790

    A few reminders:

    All Prescription Medications, including inhalers and homeopathic drops, must be brought in to the school by a parent and guardian with “Medication Administration” form and IN AN ORIGINAL CONTAINER. All medications are administered per physician’s orders. Both HANDWRITTEN NOTES and/or VERBAL MEDICATION INSTRUCTIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED as per Ohio Law. If you have any questions or concerns regarding medication administration during school please contact Mrs. Henderson at 330-664-4999 ext. 527790.

    Any over the counter medication given at school requires a signed parent permission form. Again, medications must be provided in original container (In the amount of 30 or less) labeled with your child’s name. No child is allowed to carry unauthorized medications this includes cough drops, Tylenol, and Ibuprofen. These permission forms are available in the school office and on district web-site under pupil service tab.

    If a student carries an inhaler or epi-pen in his/her backpack, a physician’s order is required to let us know that this is a prescribed medication for your child and we are able to assist in case of an emergency. We also need to keep an additional epi-pen in the clinic. Don’t forget to CHECK THE EXPIRATION DATE

    If your child has diabetes, asthma, a bee sting allergy, severe food allergy, seizure disorder or other specific medication condition, please contact the Registered Nurse early in the school year to complete additional paperwork that will better inform all school personnel of your child’s health needs in preparation for emergency action if need be.

    Immunizations:  All students should be current with their immunizations. According to Ohio Revised Code, children who have not had the required immunizations cannot attend school.

    Vision and Hearing Screenings: Vision and hearing screenings will be completed for students in grades K, 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 9th. Vision only in 7th grade and hearing only for 11th. You will receive notification only if you student does not pass any part of the screening. This is a screening and should not replace a yearly visit to an optometrist for a complete eye exam.


    We all hope to have a healthy and happy school year!!

Last Modified on March 12, 2019