• English as a Second Language Program 
    Everyone at the Copley-Fairlawn City Schools wants new families to feel welcome and at home. It is one of our goals to make the transition to a new country and school as smooth as possible for not only the student but for the family as well.

    As new students register, parents are asked to complete a Home Language Survey.  When a language other than English is noted on the Home Language Survey, the district is obligated to determine the English language proficiency of the student.  The student’s records are reviewed by the ESL tutor assigned to that specific building.  The assessment  procedures are followed and the parent is notified of the results.  
    The Copley-Fairlawn City Schools ESL Instructional Program (K-12) is a three-pronged approach for learning. Students are presented content using the following instructional methods: 
    Thematic Units - Grade level content is presented through themes which also provide the basis for language learning. 
    Language Skills - The ESL teachers and tutors use an integrated approach. Listening, speaking, reading, and writing are taught through a variety of activities. 
    Learning Strategies - Social and academic languages are explicitly taught. 

    ESL Instruction & Support
    Students go to the ESL tutor’s room to receive ESL instruction and support on a scheduled basis. Class size ranges from 2– 6 students and are based on appropriate age and English level proficiency. 
    Currently the district's ESL program is set up as a hybrid between a pull out program and an inclusion program. For services utilizing the pull out method the students go to the ESL tutor's classroom to recieve ESL instruction and support on a scheduled basis. The ESL class size ranges from 2-6 students and is based on appropriate age and English level proficiency. In the inclusion method, the student receives ESL instruction and support in the general education classroom. A mix of both methods allows the teacher and tutors to meet individual student needs as appropriate during instruction. 
    Parents of students who are identified as a student who is Limited English Proficient (LEP) have certain rights afforded to them by law. 
    These rights are as follows: 

    The parent has the right to…
    • Remove the child from the program;

    • Decline enrollment in the program or other program options available;

    • Obtain assistance in selecting from available programs.


Last Modified on July 18, 2017