• Welcome to Copley Students United      
    Copley Students United is dedicated to the student voice. CSU will serve as a safe space for students to share thoughts, ideas and opinions about the education system in Copley High School to identify where change is needed. 
    CSU will:
    - Examine the education system in Copley High School and its impact on student life
    - Assess the culture and climate of Copley High School from the student perspective
    - Utilize the group’s analysis to recommend solutions that promote change
    - Explore programs that could be implemented which address the needs and wants of the student body

    CSU will take into consideration any views, ideas, and beliefs that will overall benefit the diverse student population in the Copley High School. In order to be effective in our work, the CSU will create a group agreement and guidelines for discussion. CSU members will also be prepared to have discussions surrounding topics that may require struggle.
    Faculty Advisor: Mr. Eck (Room 142)


    Look for more information about joining this club in September/October
Last Modified on September 7, 2022