• Food Service
  • Mr. Steve Robinson
    Business Manager
    Phone: (330) 664-4810
    Fax: (330) 664-4811
    Email: steve.robinson@copley-fairlawn.org
  • Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year
    Copley-Fairlawn City Schools offers very nutritional well balanced meals that meet the USDA recommended daily allowances. We are proud to note that we recently passed our 5-year state review during which our meals were analyzed for their nutritional content to meet the USDA guidelines.
    Lunch Prices:
    Arrowhead/Fort Island/Herberich Schools - $2.75
    Middle and High School - $3.00
    Adults - $3.50
    Charge Policy:
    Please note the change in the charge policy. Due to the large number of unpaid charges lunch charges will no longer be allowed. You can prepay for a few lunches in case your student forgets their lunch or money.
    Milk Substitution Policy:
    Due to federal guidelines, students who have a milk allergy or intolerance will no longer be able to substitute water on the tray lunch. You will either need to provide an alternate beverage or puchase water for 50 cents.
    Free or reduced-price lunch program:
    A free or reduced-price lunch program is available for all eligible students. Please contact the building principal to apply for this confidential program. (Note: Participation in the free and reduced-price program helps the district with funding for other areas of our curriculum. This program is available all school year.)
    Our food service department now operates under a computerized point of sale system which allows parents/guardians to deposit money into their student’s account. All of the students have been assigned an ID number which they will keep from kindergarten through 12th grade. Parents/guardians are encouraged to prepay for their student’s lunch with a check, cash or over the internet using the Pay For It link on the District’s website. Pay For It is available 24/7 to put money on a student’s account. Students still have the option of purchasing their lunch on a daily basis with cash. No change will be given it will be put on the student’s account. All money left on the account at the end of the year stays with the student and will transfer to the next grade and school year. There will be NO CHARGES in the school cafeterias. You might want to put money on the student’s account for days when they might forget their lunch or lunch money. Please do not combine lunch money on the same check or money order for fees. It would also help us if you put your student’s name on the check.
    The Food Service Department serves over 200,000 meals to Copley-Fairlawn students. Food service is a self operating business within the school system that should take in enough money to cover all its costs, including labor and benefits. Some students rely on the school lunch program to meet many of their daily food needs. Meals are planned according to recommended daily allowances. A student’s participation in the school lunch programis the guideline used by both the state and federal government to determine reimbursement and commodity food distribution.
    Free and reduced price lunch applications are available at the buildings or on this website at the link above. 
    If you need any other assistance or information please contact your building cafeteria or Mr. Steve Robinson at 330-664-4810.