Health & Wellness
    Janet R. Coon
    Health & Wellness: I use google classroom for all communication with my students. Please ask your son/daughter how to access the Health & Wellness google classroom. On google classroom you will be able to find weekly plans, teacher notes, project directions and reminders for test and assignment due dates.
    PE Option: If you have questions about PE Option, please feel free to email me at janet.coon@copley-fairlawn.org. If your son or daughter is currently in PE Option, all information can be accessed through google classroom. Ask your son/daughter to show you how to get on the website.
    Credit FLex: Credit Flex applications are in the office. Please pick up and read the information. Due dates for each semester are listed. Once the application is completed, you may turn it in to me or your guidance counselor. I will review the application and meet with you and discuss your plan before the semester begins.
Last Modified on August 24, 2018