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    The Copley-Fairlawn City Schools wants new families to feel welcome and at home. It is one of our goals to make the transition to a new country and school as smooth as possible for the student and family.




    The services provided to English Learners (EL) in the Copley-Fairlawn City Schools are predominantly designed around the principles of English immersion and individual/small group tutoring support.  EL students are placed in regular classrooms in the Copley-Fairlawn School District. The EL tutors provide small-group instruction and individual assistance per student needs. The combination of immersion in the regular classroom and additional supports allows students the opportunity to learn another language quickly and as effectively as possible and provides educational assistance outside the classroom.  


    Copley-Fairlawn City Schools employs EL tutors in each of our five buildings to provide the small-group and individual tutoring sessions. The level of specific EL instruction provided to each student by the EL tutor is based on data and input from general education teachers in the four core course (English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies). Tutoring sessions focus on formal English, conversational English, reading, and writing. We also celebrate students’ individual cultures and backgrounds through projects and oral presentations. Tutors communicate progress in the areas of Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening to families at least quarterly.


    Who is eligible for ESL Services?

    Eligible individuals are those not born in the United States, whose native language is something other than English or who come from environments where a language other than English is dominant.


    How is eligibility for ESL services determined?

    Within 30 days of enrollment, students who are identified as potentially eligible on a Home Language Survey are then tested to determine if they are English Learners (EL). The assessment examines a student’s skills in reading, writing, listening, speaking and comprehending English. ELs are students who are unable to communicate fluently or learn effectively in English and who often come from non-English-speaking homes and backgrounds.


    How is grade level placement determined?

    Assignment to the appropriate grade level will take into account the following factors:

    • Educational history
    • Student's age
    • English language experiences
    • Parent/guardian preference
    • Six-year-old without kindergarten experience


    Is it permissible for an ESL student to be a part of more than one program?



    What if an interpreter is needed?

    Interpreters may be needed at the time of enrollment and at other times throughout the year. Please contact your building principal or Pupil Services Department if you are in need of an interpreter.


    What rights are parents afforded by law?

    Parents of students who are identified as a student who is Limited English Proficient (LEP) have certain rights afforded to them by law.   The parent has the right to…
    • Remove the child from the program;

    • Decline enrollment in the program or other program options available;

    • Obtain assistance in selecting from available programs.



    For more information on Ohio ESL programs, please visit The Ohio Department of Education.


Last Modified on July 24, 2019