Welcome students & parents to the online classroom of Mrs. Carothers!
    I have three passions in my life:
     1.  My faith
    2.  My family
    3.  My job/teaching 
     Bonus points if you know these on MONDAY, August 26.
       I am very excited to have the opportunity to welcome the students of the "Class of 2023" as they begin their high school career!
       Lesson plans will be posted here each week.  Students who are absent can check here for missed work, but please note that occasionally plans may be changed for a variety of reasons.  When changes occur they will be noted in the classroom.
       Please take some time to look through my online classroom.  Throughout the year I will add useful links and resources that you may find helpful with assignments.  Please feel free to email or call me with any questions or concerns.  My information is listed below.
    English 9 
    Voicemail:  527821
    Classroom ext.:  526131