• Copley Pride Tribe

    The Copley High School’s “Pride Tribe” is a way of recognizing student character, citizenship, and pride at our High School.  The student selected for this positive reward will be an excellent example of the month’s character trait found on our district calendar.  The idea behind the Copley Pride Tribe is to recognize students for doing “good” and give them a positive reward for doing the right thing as well as to improve the climate in the building.  Many students have shared with me that they feel that the “middle of the road” student is left out.  My hope behind this program is to recognize that student who may not be “Student of the Month” or “Student Athlete of the Month” material, just a student who deserves a reward for doing something positive. This student may or may not be involved in other activities at Copley High School.  Ideally, students selected to be part of the Pride Tribe would be those students who do the right thing and may not be the best student academically or athletically.  Often times these students slip through the cracks and do not get the recognition that they deserve.   Research has shown that increasing student involvement and feelings of belonging can lead to increased student achievement.  This program could also be an avenue to help build positive student/teacher relationships, by providing teachers a means to refer students to the office for good behaviors.


    Each week, a group of teachers has been selected to have the responsibility of nominating students for the Copley Pride Tribe.   These teachers will be responsible for providing the Assistant Principalwith the name of a student during their week to be nominated to be part of the Copley Pride Tribe, as well as a short description of the reason for nomination.  A nomination form will be placed in a teacher’s mailbox during their week.   Nominees should be caught in some act that reflects that month’s character trait, however if this is not possible a student may be nominated for another reason.  These students will have their picture taken and displayed in the commons and online with a brief write up describing how they demonstrated the month’s character trait.  Students recognized for this award are given a gift certificate to the school cafeteria for the purchase of a snack.

     Click on each month's character trait to view our nominees
    October   Honesty
    January    Courage