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    Thank you and welcome to the CHS XC website where you will be able to find any information you need on our program.  

    I will personally update this site throughout the course of the school year and send out emails regarding upcoming events, training programs, etc.  


    Here are some things you and your runner should consider and make a priority if they are seriously considering running Cross Country in High School:  


    • Figure out if you can commit the time to Cross Country and make it work with your schedule.  There are so many people who are spread thin trying to do so many different things at once.  High School sports are a big committment and I just want to make sure that your runner will be able to meet the demands of the program.  
    • Explore this site for forms you will need on the first day of practice (Emergency Medical Form, Medical Waiver, Lindsey's Law, Eligibility, Code of Conduct, Concussion Form, and most importantly the PHYSICAL FORM!!!!!
    • Make sure you are signed up on VDOT because I will be posting weekly and monthly training plans on there.  I will start posting plans up there within the next week.  The first summer training will be on Monday, June 4th and go until the last week of July.  


    This is enough to get your runner off to a good start for now.  


    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask or continue to be patient as more information will be coming soon.


    Thanks for checking out the website.  


    Coach Berwa and Coach Smith