• Garred Lee Kimmell Science Library

    Dedicated on September 10, 2004

    Garred L. Kimmell

    Garred's memorial is a perfect blending of ideas that were generated from Mrs. White ( Herberich Primary Principal), Mrs. Riedel (2nd Grade Teacher), Roman Troyer (carpenter), Nina Hayes, the PTA and the Kimmell family.

    When designing this memorial, Garred's nature of curiosity, a desire to learn, and his love of experimentation brought to mind a special place in the library where children could read and enjoy science books. Thus, our memorial started with Roman who decided to build a table like no other table built before. He called it an arts and crafts style table in a hexagon shape. The oak table and chairs are symbolic of the oak trees in the Kimmell family crest, and the six sided table stands for all the letters in Garred's name. The three legs of the table represent the intent of the library to read, dream, and to create, and the wood inlays connect to a piece of maple that once grew where the newest section of Herberich Primary School now exists. Although both the majestic maple tree, and our loving son, are no longer with us, their memories each live on. We would like to thank the Herberich PTA for their contribution toward the purchase of new science books for the library, and to Scout Pack #3390, of which Garred was a member, who made a significant contribution towards the bronze memorial plaque. Special thanks to everyone else who lovingly donated their time to make this a very special memorial.


    Garred was a student at Herberich Primary School in grades K-4. He passed away unexpectedly the summer before going into fifth grade. He was passionate in his love of science, winning the Fort Island/Herberich Science Fair. In his honor and memory, The "Garred Kimmell Science Award" is given for the best Fourth Grade Project at the Annual Science Fair.