Mrs. Brown
    Welcome to Mrs. Linda Brown's online classroom!
          Welcome to the first grade! I am excited about sharing the first grade experience with you and your child and look forward to facilitating his or her cognitive and social growth.  I am delighted to have your child in my class.  We will be working on many new and exciting things. 
    Please review with your child their address, phone number, and birthday.  Also, practice printing their first and last names.  I ask that you read to your child daily, or as often as possible. 
    Getting off to a Good Start in First Grade
    School begins at 9:05.  Children who arrive before 9:05 will complete their morning routine
    •  Unload their backpack
    • Place correspondence to Mrs. Brown in the basket (Homework, lunch, checks, etc)
    • Move their lunch magnets (buyers or packers) By now the students should know their lunch passwords.
    • Go to the restroom (if needed)
    • Write in their daily journals (we have free writing or Mrs. Brown will give the students a special topic of the day)
    Snack Time
         First graders tend to get somewhat hungry in the afternoon hours.  This year we are asking that each child bring a healthy snack for the afternoon.  We are longer sharing snacks -many of the children may have food allergies. 
    Poetry Folder
         Your child's poetry folder is a vital part of our reading program.  In that it contains the poems, songs and rhymes we have been learning in class.  Each week your child will add a new passage to their folder.  By the end of the year your child will be able to successfully read this wonderful collection. 
         Your child will take this folder home once a week, usually on Friday, for reading pleasure and practice.  It would be helpful if a family member could read the passage first, if needed.  That way your child can hear the flow of the language and will be better able to predict unknown words.  After you and your child have enjoyed the folder, and completed the reading assignment, please sign the front page (the Lucky Listener page) and return it to school the following Monday, and it always needs to be brought to school in a book bag.  I hope you enjoy the variety of the poetry we have chosen.  Most of the poetry is a reflection of a particular theme we are working on in class.  We will have some challenges and some for fun!  REMEMBER you are the "lucky listener"! Poetry is music to your ears.  Many of the poems may even bring back memories of your school days.  ENJOY! 
         Your child is learning to write manuscript letters.  The Zane-Bloser manuscript style alphabet is the most widely used alphabet in classrooms across the USA.  It is important for your child to have a good model of manuscript writing at home.  It is also essential to stress the importance of correct paper and pencil position.  In my Open House packet I enclosed a copy of the manuscript alphabet for you to use at home for guidance.  Handwriting instruction strives to achieve fluent, legible writing.  Effective written communication is, of course, the final goal.  Also, if you would like to practice at home and need first grade writing paper please let me know and I can send some home for extra practice.    
    Classroom Rules and Discipline
         The rules in my classroom are the following:
    1.  Follow all rules, directions, and instruction of the teacher.
    2.  Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
    3.  Do not leave the room without permission.
    4.  Be polite to everyone. 
    5.  No yelling or screaming in the class or the school building.
         I will be sending home a monthly calendar to supplement my discipline plan.  Please do not throw them away at the end of each month.  I keep the old calendars and replace them with the new calendars each month.  The calendar will come home daily and return to school with your initials everyday.  If your child has a stick or no writing on his or her calendar this means your child had a great day and did not turn any cards in class that day.  If your child did turn a card that day I will write a brief explanation on that particular date.  Continued violation of classroom rules will result in loss of privileges including but not limited to participation in classroom parties or field trips.  I am a firm believer in assertive discipline .  There is a consequence for bad behavior.  Your child deserves the most positive educational climate possible for his or her growth, and I know together we will make a difference in this process.     
    Mrs. Linda Brown 

Last Modified on October 1, 2011