• Copley High School

    Copley-Fairlawn City
    School District

    3807 Ridgewood Road -- Copley, Ohio 44321-1697
    Fax 330-664-4951

    Administrative Staff

    Mr. Brian Poe, Superintendent
    Mr. Aaron Sable, Assistant Superintendent
    Mr. Michael Coury, Principal
    Mr. James Borchik Assistant Principal/Athletic Director
    Mr. Tim Oden, Assistant Principal

    Guidance Staff
    Jenny Morganti Students A-G
    Toni Ehrman Students H-K
    Corinne Magensky Students P-Z
    A School Profile


    Built in 1970, Copley High School is located in Copley, a northwestern suburb of Akron. The community is largely residential with most of the people employed in Akron or neighboring communities. The high school has an enrollment of 1,135 in grades 9-12. The class of 2012 numbered 273. The high school encompassed 4 1/4 acres under roof. The buildings and athletic fields encompass 57 acres. Students have access to an auxiliary gymnasium as well as a second gymnasium that seats 2850.  An auditorium seats 773. Engineers designed a science wing with state-of-the-art equipment more indicative of classrooms and labs found on a college campus.  The natatorium houses a 75' by 25' NCAA standard competition sized pool and can seat 400. Approximately 83% of the 2012 graduates attend four year colleges and another 7% attend two year colleges or technical schools. Copley is fully accredited by the North Central Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges. In addition to the high school, the Copley-Fairlawn City Schools consist of one Middle School (5-8) and three elementary schools (K-4).


    The grading system uses letter grades which are converted to a grade point value. Certain courses are weighted according to difficulty. Advanced Placement Courses (A.P.) earn one point higher for each grade except for "F".* Leveling is part of some academic areas. Honor Levels are designated by the word Honors. These classes are the most demanding. Calculation of a student's academic standing is based on grade point average and includes all courses with the exception of those subjects graded on the P/F basis. The academic year is divided into two 18-week semesters. Grade cards are distributed every nine weeks.


    Grading Scale: The current grading scale will be modified, whereas a student has an equal chance to earn an A, B, C and/or D.

    A92-100Outstanding Work
    B83-91Above Average Work
    C74-82Average Work
    D65-73Below Average Work
    F0-64Below Passing Work
    WFWithdrawn Failing

    *Completion of the AP test is a requirement for weighted grading scale


    The high school faculty consists of four administrators, three counselors, one librarian and 70 classroom teachers. Approximately 73% of faculty have Masters Degrees. The average amount of teaching experience is 13.35 years.


    Students may choose from 109 course offerings which are enhanced by the latest technology. These offerings include Advanced Placement courses in English Literature,  Calculus AB, Calculus BC, US History, European History, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Chinse Language, French Language, Spanish Language, and German Language.  Chef Preparation Hospitality Management is the in-school vocational program. Co-op programs include  Cooperative Business Education and Marketing Education.  Copley is part of a Four Cities Educational compact program with three other high schools which expands the career technical offerings to 20 other programs.


    Unless a student earns high school credit in eighth grade, class rank is cumulative from the beginning of ninth grade and is based on semester averages in all classes (except those on P/F basis). Class rank will be determined from student GPA including weighted credit for Honors and Advanced Placement coursework.


    Students can pursue their interests in 21 boys' and girls' varsity athletic programs and 26 extra-curricular activities.


    All students  must successfully complete a minimum of 21 credits which includes 4 English, 4 math (including Algebra II), 3 social studies (1 U.S. Studies,1 World Studies,  1/2 government, 1/2 economics), 3 Science (including 1 physical science and 1 biological science), 1/2 health, and 1/2 physical education.  In addition, students must pass all parts of the Ohio Graduation Test.


    For More Information, Contact:

    The Guidance Department
    Copley High School
    3807 Ridgewood Road
    Copley, Ohio 44321

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