Our mission is to transport the students of our district safely and efficiently to and from school while complying with State laws and District policies.


    Be respectful and courteous to all students so they begin and end each day with a positive impact conducive to learning.

  • Mrs. Mary Sharnsky
    Director of Transportation
    Phone: (330) 664-4820
    Joseph Prezenkowski 
    Phone: (330) 664-4819 
    Deanna Sutherland
    Office Assistant
    Phone: (330) 664-4874


    If you have moved to a new residence, please contact our Board of Education and provide a new proof of residence. 

    If you have made changes to your babysitter or daycare location, please contact the Transportation Office (Requests must be for five days per week to the same address.) 

    Students are not permitted to ride buses they are not assigned to ride. The District recognizes there are emergency circumstances that require students to ride a bus other than their normal bus. Students must have a “bus pass” which gives them permission to ride a different bus. The bus pass can be obtained through the school office. Permission will not be granted for play dates to a friend’s house, school projects or sporting events. These types of situations are not considered an emergency. (Please note: We do not provide transportation to job sites) 

    Information regarding bus routes for the upcoming school year will not be available until the 1st week of August.  At that time Transportation information letters will be mailed to all registered students. 

    Please help ensure our students safety by stopping for buses with red flashing lights. As of 1/1/19 our buses have been equipped with stop arm cameras. Anyone in violation of the law will be referred to the police.