• CFMS PTSA Committee Chairs

    PTA Committee Descriptions

    & Chair Responsibilities

    5th GRADE FIELD DAY - This committee works in conjunction with the 5th grade teachers to coordinate a fun field day in May. Our 5th grade staff usually prepare lunch (items donated by 5th grade parents) for the students and PTSA volunteers help out with the game rotations. The chairperson helps to coordinate volunteers.

    6th GRADE DARE FIELD DAY - This committee works in conjunction with the 6th grade teachers to coordinate a fun field day in May. Our DARE officers usually provide lunch for the students and PTSA volunteers help out with the game rotations and with serving lunch. The chairperson helps to coordinate volunteers.

    7th/8th GRADE FALL & SPRING DANCES - The CFMS Student Council holds two dances during the school year for 7th and 8th grade students.  PTSA provides the refreshments; planning and purchasing the food and drinks, and serving at the event.  7th and 8th grade parents are needed to set up  and run the concessions provided by PTSA.  The chairperson will coordinate the food and volunteers.

    8TH GRADE END OF YEAR PARTY - The PTSA hosts a party for the graduating 8th grade class.  The party is held during school in May near the end of the school day.  The PTSA organizes food, decorations, and entertainment. 8th grade parents are needed to be the committee members that organize this event.  The chairperson will take the lead, coordinating the volunteers and activities.  The DC string bags are also organized and purchased through this committee.  

    ADVOCACY CHAIR - This chairperson works with information from the state and local PTA, reporting to membership and helping PTA continue to have a voice in education issues. 

    ART SHOW - The PTSA helps with the Art Show held at Copley High School in April to display student art work. This chairperson would work in conjunction with the Art staff at CFMS.

    BAKING/FOOD DONATION  - This committee is on call for any time CFMS has food donation needs. This chairperson would take care of sending out sign-ups or email when needs arise.

    BOOK FAIR - This committee works in conjunction with our librarian to bring the Scholastic Book Fair to CFMS for 1 week during the school year. The chairperson would coordinate the volunteers needed for the week.

    BOX TOPS - Collect, organize and submit Box Tops throughout the year.

    CANNED FOOD DRIVE  - This service project is done in the fall in conjunction with the Copley Kiwanis and/or Copley Outreach Center to help local families by providing non-perishable food items.  Volunteers are needed to sort, package, and load food items. 

    CONFERENCE DINNERS - The PTSA provides two dinners for teachers and staff prior to the parent/teacher conference evenings. This chairperson would organize the meals and line up donations and volunteers to assist with each evening event.

    COOKIES FOR HOSPICE - Each week the PTSA delivers baked treats or pre-packaged foods to the Hospice on Ridgewood Road for the families of their patients. (Put on hold due to Covid)

    CULTURAL & FINE ARTS DAY - CFMS PTSA sponsored event where artists, performers, and speakers visit to present their craft. This chairperson would be in charge of finding a person or group to come to the school and perform for our students and staff.

    FAMILY DIRECTORY - This committee gathers the information from parents and creates the family directory.

    FUNDRAISING - Assist with any fundraising events that are held throughout the year.

    LIBRARY - The PTSA provides help with shelving books and other tasks needed by the librarians. The Committee chair organizes the volunteers.

    NEWSLETTER - This chairperson or committee is in charge of a monthly (or weekly) electronic newsletter to help keep our families informed of things going on at CFMS. 

    REALITY DAY - Coordinate the Reality Day event with the CFMS guidance staff, the Four Cities Compact, and several community businesses and members.  8th grade students will have the opportunity to learn real life budgeting skills.

    RECYCLING - This chairperson would work in conjunction with staff and students to coordinate the recycling efforts at CFMS. Currently, we are teaming up with FIPS to collect flexible plastic.

    REFLECTIONS ART COMMITTEE - National PTA program since 1969 - students submit a work of art based on a yearly theme for submission for competitive evaluation.  Committee members collect the art, organize judging, and present winners from the school to the Copley-Fairlawn PTA Council committee for further judging. 

    SCHOOL BOARD REPRESENTATIVE  - This post involves attending school board meetings at Copley High School one evening a month and reporting to the CFMS PTA membership. 

    SCIENCE FAIR - Plan, organize and assist the day of the event in March. The chairperson would be in charge of coordinating volunteers and organizing the students' projects as they are turned in.

    STAFF APPRECIATION - Organize activities for the staff during a specific week (normally held in the spring) and spread throughout the year as the committee chooses.

    TALENT SHOW - Help organize an evening of students sharing talents.

    TURKEY TROT - A fun running/walking event for all students prior to the Thanksgiving break to celebrate the end of the canned-food drive. This chairperson would be in charge of sending out requests to local businesses to gain sponsorships. Many volunteers are needed to help during the event. 

    WARM & WOOLY - This chairperson would work in conjunction with the local Girls Scout Troop to organize the Warm & Wooly collection in the winter.  Coats, hats, gloves, mittens, etc. are collected for donation.

    WEBSITE/SOCIAL MEDIA COORDINATOR - Maintain CFMS PTSA website with current information from executive board and committee chairs and keep social media sites updated with current information and announcements.

    WELLNESS - This chairperson would research and present topics related to health and wellness at each PTSA meeting.

    WILLING TO HELP WHERE NEEDED - If you want to be involved with CFMS PTSA but don't know where to start, sign up for this committee. We will keep you in the loop for all our events and you can choose to help with whatever you prefer and when it is convenient.