2023 Marching Band Absence Form

    It is VERY important that students make marching band rehearsals and performances a priority. Please check the schedule below very carefully, and plan accordingly. During the Fall, please try not to schedule appointments for students at the end of the school day and/or immediately after school if it's a day we have marching band after school. We are aware that conflicts arise, and SOME of those are considered EXCUSED.

    Excused absences are as follows:

    1. An illness accompanied by a doctor's notice,
    2. A death in the family,
    3. Family vacation, if 45 DAYS PRIOR NOTICE is given to the directors. Please report any family vacations that fall during marching season by June 1, 2023
    4. School-affiliated athletic conflicts need to be reported to Mr. Foster so he can work out a time share with the coach.

    UNEXCUSED absences include (but are not limited to) the following:
    1. job related scheduling issues - please work these out in advance; the schedule has been posted for MONTHS.
    2. drive school in-car sessions
    3. sporting events that aren't sanctioned by Copley High School (Copley HS athletic conflicts will be handled on a case by case basis between the directors, coaches, and students involved.)
    4. other unexplained absences

    Please report ALL absences using THIS ABSENCE FORM as far in advance as possible. The form should be filled out by a PARENT. Filling out the form does not make all absences 'excused'; however, it allows us to have advanced notice of potential issues.