Every year our PTA has the privilege of choosing both an outstanding educator and an outstanding volunteer to represent our school.  You can nominate candidates each fall.  The PTA will choose the candidate for each award based on who best meets all the criteria.  The recipients will be announced during the December PTA meeting and recognized at the district level in February.


    CONGRATULATIONS to Mrs. Roseberry for being awarded the Herberich PTA teacher of the year and to Stephanie Kist for being awarded Herberich PTA Helping Hand.  (2021 - 2022)


    Recent Past Winners

                                          Outstanding Educator                 Helping Hands

    2020-2021                     Ashley Richards                         Carol Early Waris

    2019-2020                     Michelle Quinlan                         Katie Herstich

    2018-2019                     Marisa Beavers                          Shilo Gottlieb

    2017-2018                     Justy Boggs                                Laura Brown

    2016-2017                     Stacey Mruczkowski                   Cheryl Couch

    2015-2016                     Andrea Moore                             Nicole Covil

    2014-2015                     Marisa Beavers                          Joy Neale-May

    2013-2014                    Amy Belles                                  Lital Pearson

    2012-2013                    Jennifer Wade                             Sue Timmer