Students must meet all but one of the following criteria, unless it is a minimum graduation requirement.  Students must meet general graduation requirements to qualify for honors diplomas.



    4 credits


    4 credits, including 2 units of advanced science

    Social Studies

    4 credits

    **World Languages

    3 credits of one world language, or no less than 2 units of each of two world languages studied

    Fine Arts

    1 credit


    3.5 on a 4.0 scale


    ACT: 27 or higher/SAT: 1280 or higher


    Copley High School coursework, Advanced Placement coursework, College Credit Plus coursework and Credit Flexibility coursework may be used to meet the unit requirements of an honors diploma. A single course can meet multiple criteria if it fits under multiple subject areas.

    Students may replace any of the above noted with a ** showing a “Student Strength Demonstration”

    Student Strength Options include:
    • College Credit Plus: 12 Credits
    • AP: 3 Courses with 3 or higher on AP tests
    • CTAG: 12 College Credits
    • Apprenticeship/Pre-Apprenticeship: Completion or Evidence of Acceptance if required to be older than 18
    • WorkKeys: 6 or higher on all tests(void for Career-Tech Honors Diploma)
    • ASVAB: Score of 50
    • Work-Based Learning: 250 Hours


    Other Considerations:

    Math – Students must take Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II (or equivalent), and one other higher level course.

    Science – Advanced science refers to courses that are inquiry based with laboratory experiences. They must align with the grades 11/12 standards (or above) or with an Advanced Placement science course or entry-level college course.

    Social Studies – Students may get credit for both an American History course and/or the Advanced Placement American History course; the same rule applies for Government and World History.

    World Language – Only credits from courses that are sequential and proficiency based (e.g., Spanish levels I, II, III or German I and II and French I and II) fulfill the honors diploma requirement. No units from culture-based courses can count toward the honors diploma requirements.    If a student opts to complete this criterion by taking two units each of two world languages studied, a student must complete a total of four world language units. This means two sequential, proficiency-based units in two different languages.

    Fine Arts – A course must count for high school credit (be high school level work or above) to count for the honors diploma. Music, Theatre, Art and Woodworking Design courses all count as fine arts courses.

    GPA – GPAs must be calculated on the 7th semester unweighted 4.0 scale.

    ACT and SAT score requirements – Students must have scores of 27 or higher on the ACT or 1280 or higher on the 2016 SAT or their equivalents on previous or future versions of the tests.   The ACT writing and SAT essay sections are not included.