• Schedules CAN be adjusted for the following reason:

    • Not enough classes on your schedule (Grades 9-11, 6 classes each semester.  Grade 12, at least 5 classes per semester).

    • Two study halls in the same semester, no study halls in the other semester.

    • Class needed to meet graduation requirements.

    • Class was completed in summer school but still on this year’s schedule.

    • You do not have a schedule.

    • You have already taken a class previously.

    • To account for College Credit Plus courses.

    • PLEASE NOTE: Students may  drop an elective class and add a study hall in the first 20 days of each semester if they have a full schedule(7 Classes).


    Schedules WILL NOT be adjusted for the following reasons:

    • Teacher changes

    • Mod changes.

    • Lunch or Learning Lab changes.

    • Changing or adding new classes.


    If you have a schedule error please click the link below and complete the Google Gorm.  

    School Counselors may take several days to update all schedules.  Once a schedule has been adjusted a counselor will send your updated schedule to you via email.  Students should continue with their current schedule until they receive their updated schedule.  Thank you for your patience!

    Schedule Error Form