• Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity:  Subcommittees



    The Curriculum Subcommittee will make recommendations as to how we can best assure the materials our students are using in the classroom are culturally appropriate and represent all our Students.


    Committee Chair-Rudowsky

    Members- Blachniec, Calderone, School, Berwa, Ong

    The Professional Development Subcommittee will research and make recommendations on how to best introduce our staff to topics of diversity, social justice and cultural sensitivity in order to provide the best experience possible for our students.


    Committee Chair- Stratton

    Members- Casida, Mehdi

    The Student Voice Subcommittee will make recommendations as to how we best solicit feedback from our students. Our students are our most important resource and we need to provide opportunities for them to be heard and use their feedback to implement change in our school District.


    Committee Chair- Gray

    Members- Lawrence, Carothers, Doss, Kerrigan, Foster, Thelen, Bearshak, Lewandowski

    The Policy and Procedure Subcommittee will make recommendations on how to assure our students and staff are following established procedures. Additionally, our students and staff must know how to react when they witness implicit bias or marginalized actions whether from students or staff.

    Chair- Kirsch

    Members- Beavers, Basnett, Gamauf, Soltis, Ballinger