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    Assignments are listed on the day assigned and are due the next day, unless otherwise stipulated.

    10 Questions book - Chapter Discussion Dates:

    10/25 - Chapter 5 (Makenzie);   11/8 - Chapter 6 (Elizabeth, Olivia);   11/22 - Chapter 7 (Josh, Hannah);   12/6 - Chapter 8 (Eric, Brad);   12/19 - Chapter 9 (Kenneth)


    Wednesday, 12/4 - Chapter 6

    Thursday, 12/5 - Chapter 7

    Friday, 12/6 - Chapter 8

    Every attempt will be made to stick to these dates, though there's always a chance that we made need to adjust this plan due to unforeseen circumstances.

    You are expected to have the questions and discussion notes with you and PRINTED.  You may print from home, but if you need me to do it, I will need it the day before during class. 

    Chapter 4 Project Assignments:  Due to present Monday, 11/25.

    Choice A - Hannah, Eric

    Choice B - Brad

    Choice C - Julia, Josh, Makenzie, Elizabeth

    Choice E - Joe R., Kenneth, Joe B., Chris, Parsa, Olivia


    Presentations are scheduled for Monday, 11/25/19.

    Chapter 4 Test is scheduled for Wednesday, 11/27/19.

    DAILY POSTS:  (Note - These posts may be amended... Check in often.)

    Wednesday, 11/27 -  Today's Plan:  Test today over Chapter 4 Socialization.  When done, complete the top part of the test reflection.  There is no official homework, but we will be having 3 10 Questions Book chapter discussions the week we return from Thanksgiving break.  (See schedule above.)  HW: Enjoy your thanksgiving!  Tell someone why you're thankful for them.

    Tuesday, 11/26 - Agenda:  Review for Chapter 4 Socialization Test!  HW: Study for Chapter 4 Test.  It's tomorrow.

    Monday, 11/25 - Plan for the Day:  Chapter 4 Project Presentations today!  HW: Study for the Chapter 4 Test.  We'll review tomorrow!

    Friday, 11/22 - Agenda for the Day:  1) Go over (Discuss & Grade) the answers to the Review packet questions.  2) Review for test and/or  3) Work on Chapter 4 projects.  They will be presented MONDAY.  HW: Make sure your Chapter 4 Project is ready for presentation on Monday.

    Thursday, 11/21 - Today's Happenings:  1) Go over 4:5's LC.   2) Answer QUESTIONS in the Chapter 4 Socialization Review packet  (Vocab has already been done; This will be graded for accuracy.)  HW: Finish the questions in the Chapter 4 Socialization Review Packet. Start studying for test - on Wed 11/27.

    Wednesday, 11/20 - Today's Plan:  1) Go over and discuss answers to 4:4's Guided Reading & Learning Check packet.  2) Do you believe that prisons rehabilitate or punish?   3) It matters because... (Section preview)  4) Points to stress: While socialization is a gradual process, resocialization usually occurs in the setting of a total institution where complete control oer the individual can be maintained.   5) PowerPoint for 4:5  (Students should take notes.)  HW: Complete 4:5's LC.

    Tuesday, 11/19 - Agenda:  1) Go over (Grade & Discuss) 4:3's LC (Make C&As in different color.)  2) It matters because... 3) Work on 4:4's Guided Reading/Learning Check.  [Note: There is no PowerPoint for this section.  This assignment includes items that I would expect you to take notes over.  It's a weighted assignment.  Be thorough!  Use classtime wisely.]  HW: Finish 4:4's GR/LC (86 points!)

    Monday, 11/18 - Plan for the Day:  1) It matters because...  2) PowerPoint Prsentation for 4:3 (Students should add to their notes.)  3) Complete 4:3 Learning Check  HW: Finish 4:3 LC if not done; Work on Chapter 4 Project and/or Chapter 7 Reading & Questions (10 Questions Book)

    Friday, 11/15 - Today's Agenda:  1) Go over 4:2's LC. (Students make C&As in different color.)  2) Work on in-class assignment:  Read 4:3 (p. 110-115) and take notes.  [Leave room to add.]

    Thursday, 11/14 - Today's Happenings:  1) Review Mead's stages  2) Discuss "I" and "Me" self  3) Complete 4:2's Learning Check  HW: None if done.

    Wednesday, 11/13 - Plan for the Day:  1) Go over 4:1's LC (if we didn't get to it yet)  2) It Matters Because & opener questions  3) Watch/Discuss/Take notes over 4:2's PowerPoint slides.  [Add to notes.]  4) Review vocab HW: None if done.

    Tuesday, 11/12 - Agenda for the Day:  1) Review learning objectives  2) Watch/Discuss/Take notes over 4:1's PowerPoint slides.  3) Complete 4:1's Learning Check (LC)  HW: Read p. 105-109 and Take Notes [Leave room to add.]

    Monday, 11/11 - Today's Plan:  1) Go over tests/Finish reflections  2) Make sure you know your Chapter 4 project assignment  3) New papers in binders (All handouts for Chapter 4 passed out today.)  4) In class assignment:  a) Define all terms with glossary definitions (in your own writing) in the Chapter 4 Socialization Review Packet.  b) Read p. 98-104 (Preview & 4:1) and take notes.  [Leave space to add to them and don't skip "Technology & Society: Mass Media & Socialization."]  HW: Finish in-class assignment.


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