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    The following are the lesson objectives per section. Depending on the day, there could be a specific objective addressed more in the lesson and/or we could be focusing on one set of objectives at the beginning of class and another by the end of class. Apply the objectives based on the section number daily.  Refer to this list for the lesson objectives.  (The daily posts will show the agenda for the day and the homework assigned.)
     OBJECTIVES: (The students will be able to...)

    9:1 - The Beginnings of Industrialization
    ● Explain the beginnings of industrialization in Britain.
    ● Describe the key inventions that furthered the Industrial Revolution.
    ● Identify transportation improvements.
    ● Trace the impact of railroads on British industry.

    9:2 - Industrialization - Case Study: Manchester
    ● Describe the social & economic effects of industrialization.
    ● Examine growing tensions between the middle & working classes.
    ● Identify positive effects of the Industrial Revolution.
    ● Describe Manchester as an industrial city.

    9:3 - Industrialization Spreads
    ● Describe industrialization in the United States & Europe.
    ● Identify the effects of industrialization on the rest of the world.

    9:4 - Reforming the Industrial World
    ● Identify thinkers & ideas that supported industrialization.
    ● Explain the origins & main concepts of socialism & Marxism.
    ● Examine unionization & legislative reform.
    ● Describe other reform movements of the 1800s.

    10:1 - Democratic Reform & Activism
    ● Describe the evolution of British democracy.
    ● Explain the origin & goals of the woman suffrage movement.

    10:2 - Self-Rule for British Colonies
    ● Describe how Canada achieved self-rule.
    ● Explain how Australia & New Zealand became democracies.
    ● Describe British domination of Ireland.

    10:4 - Nineteenth-Century Progress
    ● Describe inventions of the late 19th century & their impact on daily life.
    ● Trace advances in medicine & science.
    ● Describe the emergence of the social sciences.
    ● Explain the rise of mass culture.

    General Announcement(s):
    ON GOING ASSIGNMENT: Read about, take notes over, study the following Core Concepts: Industrialization, urbanization, middle class, mass culture, corporation, capitalism, laissez-faire, socialism, communism.

    HERE IS AN OLD EXAMPLE OF A STUDY GUIDE FOR THE CHAPTER 9 & 10 TEST. (I strongly suggest using this to help you start studying from now until then.)

    UK - Wiliam, Luke, Aiden S., Lily
    US - Lukus, Aniyah, Mike, Nick W.
    France - Moriah, Anita, Preston
    Germany - Aidan T, Jack, Mandy
    UK - Zac, Ryan, Emily, Nate
    US - Ari,  Nick K., Brycen, Nick F.
    France - Lucy, Zane, Owen, Madilyne
    Germany - Edeline, Dylan, Noah, Hayes
    UK - Jesse, Bri, Charvis, Lauren, Peter
    US - William, Ty, Rawney, Jerry, Megan
    France - Natalia, Annalea, Aiden C., Hailey, Landon, Nick M.
    Germany - Dan, Jenna, Baleigh, Ethan, Cayden

    * Don't forget the MAPS! (It was left off the checklist, but it's on the list on the link above.)

    DAILY POSTS: (These are the "plans." They may be adjusted/altered. Links will be activated as we come to them.)

    Friday, 12/13 - Today's Plan: Test today over Chapters 9 & 10. When finished, students are to complete the top part of the test reflection. HW: Bring reflection to class.

    Thursday, 12/12 - Agenda for the Day: Kahoot Review for Chapter 9 & 10 Test. HW: Study for Chapter 9 & 10 Test. Don't forget the CCs (see your yellow packet)! CHAPTER 10 NOTES WILL BE COLLECTED TOMORROW!!!

    Wednesday, 12/11 - Plan: Play Human Moveable Q&A for all of Chapter 10. (Note: All of Chapter 10's Notes will be collected (before your test) today so that you can they can be returned for you to use them to study.) HW: USe THIS LINK OF MS. E’s Chapter 10 Q&As to "check" your notes write additions on them in a different color. Study! We're Kahoot Reviewing tomorrow. (Bonus can be earned!)

    Tuesday, 12/10 - Today's Agenda: * FIRST THING: TURN IN 9:4 NOTES. 1) United States Virtual Tours today! HW: Make sure your notes are solid for Chapter 10. You're going to need them! (So, make sure they are printed BEFORE class!)

    Monday, 12/9 - Agenda: Play Round 2 and the Final Round of Human Moveable Q&A.  HW: Go through your 9:4 Notes and compare them to mine. Tally up your "checks" and then write # at the top.

    Thursday, 12/5 & Friday, 12/6 - Plan: [Students will need 9:4's notes and something to write with.] Today we will play Moveable Human Q & A! (Ms. E will explain the directions.) You have a copy of the general rules and idea of the game. [Click on this link for a general overview of the game, the roles of the players, and the rules.] HW: Compare YOUR notes to Ms. E’s "Check" list. (Make your checks in a different color and tally the total and write it at the top.) Start studying for the test. (See the study guide linked above.) You need to know the Core Concept information (yellow packet). Make sure you study that information. (Make a Quizlet or Kahoot or some other technology game you can do on your phone, so you can study anytime.)

    Wednesday, 12/4 - Today's Plan: 1) Germany & France Virtual Tours Today! 2) When tours are complete, students should make sure 9:4's Objectives are written on paper or on notes for 9:4. MAKE SURE YOUR NOTES ARE PRINTED BEFORE CLASS. HW: Go over the GAME directions and Read & Study Core Concept information. (Yellow Packet)
    Tuesday, 12/3 - Plan for the Day:   Read over 9:4 AGAIN. This section is LOADED!!! Use your Core Concept packet to review as you read. Use the ONLINE Classroom to find the objectives and make sure you can answer them with your notes. (You need to have the objectives written out either on a separate paper or on your 9:4 Notes.) You will be able to use your notes for an upcoming, fun activity, but you need to know your stuff to help your team win! REVIEW & STUDY THOSE NOTES!

    Wednesday, 11/27 - Agenda: [Students will need out: 9:2 & 9:3 Notes, different color to write with, a highlighter, & a book.]
    1) Tell Ms. E score and/or Turn in 9:2 notes - name at top, stapled, checks counted and # of checks indicated at top. 2) Q & A for 9:3 (Students should highlight and "check" notes AND make additions in a different color.) 3) Time Permitting: Tally checks (for 9:3) and note it at the top of the paper; Turn in.) If we don't finish, use Ms. E’s Discussion Guide notes to finish going through your notes, adding checks and additions in a different color. HW: Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Make sure you tell someone why you're thankful for them!

    Tuesday, 11/26 - Career Day - All sophomores on field trip.

    Monday, 11/25 - Today’s Agenda: 1)  UK Tours today in each class! 2) Interactive Q & A (Ms. E will ask questions; students will use completed 9:2 notes to answer and "check"; Students must make "checks" and additions in a different color. HW: Finish Q & A Discussion for 9:2. Use Ms. E’s Discussion notes (questions/answers) with "checks" to finish going over your notes, adding checks and additions in a different color than they were originally completed in (preferably the same color you used to make "checks" and additions in class). You will need 9:2's Notes checked through and with you and also 9:3's for Wednesday.

    Friday, 11/22 - Plan for Today: 1) United Kingdom Virtual Tours TODAY! 2) Copy 9:2 & 9:3 Objectives (on separate sheets of paper or on each set of notes). [See the Online Classroom page - Objectives are in orange at top of page.] HW: Go back over 9:2's and 9:3's Notes and make sure you can answer the objectives with them. Make sure your terms are defined with glossary definitions. Be ready to earn points!
    Thursday, 11/21 - Plan: Read 10:3 to refresh your memory. (Jot down notes as needed.) After reading 10:3, do the notes for 10:4. (That's the final section for this unit!) HW: Finish reading and notes for 10:4.

    Wednesday, 11/20 - Plan for the Day: Today we'll finish up our Interactive PowerPoint Discussion. Students will continuing adding to and checking off their notes in a different color. Ms. E will collect for a grade. HW: Presentations will start Friday and pop quizzes could occur as well. Be prepared and ready to go!

    HERE'S A COPY OF MS. E’s POWERPOINT FOR 9:1. (Speaker Notes are available - See "Notes Pages.")

    Tuesday, 11/19 - Agenda: Interactive PowerPoint Discussion Today! You will need your notes for 9:1 out and need to be highlighting and checking off notes in a different color. HW: Re-read 9:1 & 9:2. Add to your notes now that you know what to expect from the discussions. There are lots of possibilities for points, so be thorough!

    Monday, 11/18 - Plan for the Day: Today students will finalize & make printouts of their virtual tours... When done, students will work on notes for 10:1 & 10:2 (the same as the sections for Chapter 9). We are skipping 10:3. (If you don't know that information already, you need to read the section. It's stuff you should already know, so class time will not be devoted to that section.)

    Friday, 11/15 - Today's Plan: We will working to finalize virtual tour presentations. Check these things: CUPS (Capitalization, usage, punctuation, spelling), content (look over the directions sheet; make sure you have all pertinent info, slides (check to be sure they aren't wordy and the pictures have captions or descriptions and they aren't covering your text... Also make sure they are big enough to see well), and notes pages (all of what you say should be in the notes portion). Big thing: Your slides should be brief, bulleted points; however, you should not leave pertinent details off the slides. In other words, if you say something of importance, that counts toward the content side of things, make sure it's in the slide, too. Finally, print a copy of the NOTES PAGES (shows slide and speaker notes on one page) of your slide presentation. Turn one copy in to me (Ms. E).

    Can't wait to go on these tours with you! :)

    Thursday, 11/14 - Plan: Today we will be working on Virtual Tours. You need to work on your tour slides for HOMEWORK TONIGHT. You will be expected to check your presentation and print notes pages for me (Ms. E). HW: Work on Virtual Tour. Should be ready for finalization/quick fixes on Friday.

    Wednesday, 11/13 - Today's Agenda: Today we will be working on the virtual tours - MAKE SURE CHROMEBOOKS ARE CHARGED. HW: Work on virtual tour (slide, references, speaking notes, etc.) You should be finished with all of the Chapter 9 notes.

    Tuesday, 11/12 - Plan for Today: 1) Region/City for Virtual Tour project assigned 3) Get into groups to begin Virtual Tour project. (Students have paper with description/explanation.)  HW: Continue filling in the outline(s) you created. 9:4's notes should be added tonight.

    Monday, 11/11 - Today's Plan: 1) Work on notes for Chapter 9 outline. You should be working on 9:3. HW: Your outline(s) WITH notes should be complete up THROUGH 9:3. (Go ahead & do 9:4's notes if you're done through 9:3.)

    Friday, 11/8 - Plan for the Day: 1) Go over the Quest. 2) Continue with note taking for 9:2 as you did for 9:1. HW: Work on notes for outline (Finish 9:2).

    Thursday, 11/7 - Agenda: Today students continued working on the Ch 9 & 10 Outline Assignment (as assigned Wednesday, 11/6 after the Quest). Today's task was to 1) Define all the terms with Glossary definitions, 2) Write in all the Main Idea statements and Why It Matters Now statements, and finally, 3) Take notes (within the outline/notes template you made) for 9:1 - p. 283-288. HW: Finish adding 9:1's notes to the outline you created.

    Wednesday, 11/6 - Today’s Plan: 1) Quest today over Chapter 8. [Name on hard copy; Answer doc is a Google Form posted on Google Classroom; Check work; Turn in hard copy] 2) All papers were passed out today (for Chs. 9 & 10). Begin Chs. 9 & 10 outline/notes assignment. HW: Work on Chs 9 & 10 Outline. You should have all sections set up: Title written for the section, Main Ideas spot, Why It Matters Now spot, terms and names typed in (not defined or identified yet) all headings and subheadings typed in. We will be working with these in class on Thursday and Friday.
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