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Kenston 2020

  January 18, 2020


What an amazing showing at our first invitational of the season! Despite the weather and some last minute changes, we were able to compete at the Kenston Invitational on Saturday. Both the middle school and high school teams took home multiple awards in their events and each school placed overall in the competition.

Middle School: 5th place overall


The following students placed in the top 8 in their events:

Anatomy- 7th Izzy Januszewski and Sarah Lawrence
3rd Eric Luster and Kian Farahati

Density lab: 7th Sarah Lawrence and Kian Farahati
3rd Chaz Franchetti and Ayah Abbas

Experimental design: 5th Hannah Roush, Grace Lancianese, Julia Nielson

Fossils: 6th Mia Januszewski. and Thomas Fortin
5th Eric Luster and Sam Burford

Machines: 8th Jonah Rothschild and Gideon Garner

Meteorology: 5th Izzy Januszewski. and Eric Luster

Mission possible: 5th Brad Chambers and Jonah Rothschild

Mousetrap: 8th Sarah Lawrence and Grace Lancianese,

Ornithology: 8th Mia Januszewski. and Carter Rohr

Write it Do it: 7th Chaz Franchetti and Hannah Roush

High school: 8th place overall

Code busters 4th Jerry Talsma, Casey Boyd, Adam Lampner

Designer genes 5th Chloe Fenderbosch and Adam Lampner

Experimental design: 5th: Zach Estephan, Chloe Fenderbosch , Sophia Rohr

Fossils: 1st Adam Lampner and Zach Estephan

Write it Do it 3rd Jerry Talsma and Sophia Rohr


Way to go Copley! You should be very happy with your results. Our next invitational will take place January 25th at Case Western (HS) and February 1st at Solon Middle School. Keep up the great work!