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Mentor 2020

  February 22, 2020


The students did a great job at the Mentor Invitational! With over 1400 students in attendance, all three teams placed in the top 50% of the compeitors. Mentor was a learning experience for the students and a great opportunity for them to focus on the next task at hand, Regionals.  
Our middle school team placed 19th and 31st out of the 42 teams in attendance. 
The following students placed in the top 10:
Div B:
7th Game on  Hannah Roush and Zelie Vernon
4th WIDi Hannah Roush and Chaz Franchetti
9th Fossils Eric Luster and Harrison Rothschild

Our high school team placed 
22nd out of 56 teams in attendance.
The following students placed in the top 10: 
Div C:
8th place Memeology Matthew Lam and Jerry Talsma
4th Fossils: Zach Estephan and Adam Lampner
WIDi 10th Sophia Rohr and Zoe Ashenfelter

*Final Results above

Keep studying!!! Next stop, Regionals!!