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    NOTE: Assignments are listed on the day assigned and are generally due the next day, unless otherwise stipulated.

    The following are the lesson objectives per section. Depending on the day, there could be a specific objective addressed more in the lesson and/or we could be focusing on one set of objectives at the beginning of class and another by the end of class. Apply the objectives based on the section number daily.  Refer to this list for the lesson objectives.  (The daily posts will show the agenda for the day and the homework assigned.)
    Chapter 7 -The French Revolution and Napoleon

    ● Discuss how the themes of economic inequality, political revolution, and imperial expansion remain topics in the news today and which of these themes is most influential.
    ● Discuss how democracy & nationalism were revolutionary ideas in Europe before 1815.
    ● Define an unjust government.
    ● Describe what may make him/her take part in a violent revolution.
    ● Describe/List reasons why we study the French Revolution & about Napoleon.
    ● Summarize class discussion in writing.

    Section 1 - The French Revolution Begins
    ● List the 3 estates of the Old Regime.
    ● Summarize the factors that led to the French Revolution.
    ● Describe the creation of the National Assembly & the storming of the Bastille

    Section 2 - Revolution Brings Reform & Terror
    ● Explain how the National Assembly changed France’s government.
    ● Summarize the positions of the 3 factions that tried to govern France.
    ● Explain how war and the king’s execution affected the Revolution.
    ● Describe the events and the aftermath of the Reign of Terror.

    Section 3 - Napoleon Forges an Empire
    ● Explain how Napoleon Bonaparte came to power.
    ● Summarize how Napoleon restored order in France.
    ● Describe the extent and weaknesses of Napoleon’s empire.

    Section 4 - Napoleon’s Empire Collapses
    ● Explain Napoleon’s tactical and political mistakes.
    ● Summarize Napoleon’s defeat, comeback, and downfall.

    Section 5 - The Congress of Vienna
    ● List the results of the Congress of Vienna.
    ● Show how the ideas of the French Revolution continued to influence people.

    Chapter 8 - Nationalists Revolutions Sweep the West

    Section 1 - Latin American Peoples Win Independence
    ● Identify the elements of colonial society that caused unrest in Latin America.
    ● Explain how Haiti won independence.
    ● Describe the activities of Bolivar, San Martin, Native Americans, and mestizos in liberation events.
    ● Describe Brazil’s peaceful liberation.

    Section 2 - Europe Faces Revolutions
    ● Identify 3 schools of political thought.
    ● Trace the development of nationalism.
    ● Describe nationalism in the Balkans.
    ● Analyze reform in France & Russia.

    Section 3 - Nationalism
    ● Identify the links that create nation-states and explain how nationalism weakened empires.
    ● Summarize how Cavour unifed Italy.
    ● Describe the unification of Germany and explain shifts in power.

    Section 4 - Revolutions in the Arts
    ● Define romanticism & give examples of romantic literature and music.
    ● Explain the shift to realism & give examples of realistic art & literature.
    ● Explain why impressionists reacted against realism.

    General Annoucements:

    ON GOING ASSIGNMENT: Read about, take notes over, study the following Core Concepts:  Nationalism, Constitutional Monarchy, Nation-State, and Revolution. 

    Test Prep:  This is a link to an OLD test study guide.  I don't have yours made up yet, but this will give you an idea of things to be on Chapter 7's test. 

    Chapter 7's Test is scheduled for Wednesday, 10/16/19 Tuesday, 10/22/19.

    Chapter 8's Quest is scheduled for Wednesday, 10/30/19 11/6/19.


    Monday, 11/4/19 - Today's Plan:  1) Finish last presentation(s)  2) Work on 8:3 Nationalism & 8:4 Revolutions in the Arts Section Assessment Questions and Ch 8 Nationalist Revolutions Sweep the West Vocabulary & People Review.  HW: Finish 8:3 & 8:4 Section Assessment Questions & Vocab & People Review.

    Friday, 11/1/19 - Today's Agenda:  1) Finish up presentations.  2) In class assignment: Read p. 272-277; Take notes; Read over/Review the Visual Summary on p. 278  HW: Finish with in class assignment; Start studying for Chapter 8 Quest... It's on Wednesday.
    Wednesday, 10/30/19 & Thursday, 10/31/19 - Agenda:  Continuing working in groups on multimedia/interactive presentations/timelines.  The handout that goes with your presentation is due at the end of class.  You will have a few minutes at the beginning of class on Thursday to run through your presentation and make sure you have everything together.  Then, we'll begin presentations.  As presentations occur, the audience members are expected to pay attention and complete the study guides for each presentation.  We will (should) finish up presentations on Thursday - possibly run over to the beginning of Friday's class. 
    Tuesday, 10/29/19 - Today's Plan:  1) Does nationalism still provoke rebellions & violence?  2) Look at p. 258 - Discuss Types of Nationalism.  3) In assigned groups create a multimedia/interactive presentation/timeline.  SEE GOOGLE CLASSROOM FOR DETAILS.  The handout you create needs to be done and turned in with a key by the end of class tomorrow.  HW: Make sure all questions pertaining to your group's presentation are DONE.
    Monday, 10/28/19 - Plan for the Day:  1) Have students take out notes  - Check & grade  2) Students will continue with 8:4 - Reading & Note-Taking - p. 254-267.  Follow the same guidelines as for 8:2 and 8:3.  Objectives are on the online classroom.  HW: Finish in-class note-taking assignment.  Notes will be used for upcoming activities so make sure they are thorough!

    Friday, 10/25/19 -  Today's Agenda:  1) Students will use their notes over 8:2 to answer questions in an interactive lecture.   2) Students will read p. 258-263 and take notes (as described below - See "Note-taking Guideline" in the 10/24 post).  The objectives for 8:3 are listed above and here: * Identify the links that create nation-states & explain how nationalism weakened empires.  * Summarize how Cavour unified Italy.   * Describe the unification of German & Explain shifts in power.  HW: Finish reading and notes (with answers to objectives highlighted/marked within them) for 8:3.  Here is a template for 8:3's Notes. (You can use this to fill in electronically or use it as a guide to write out your notes.)
    Thursday, 10/24/19 - Today's Plan:  1) Go over (Grade & Discuss) 8:1's Guided Reading. (Students, make C&As in different color; Evaluate your work honestly.)  2) Work on in-class assignment: Preveiw the objectives for 8:2.  Read p. 253-257.  Take notes over all of the reading, but specifically those that help you answer the objectives.  HW: Finish in-class assignment & be prepared to discuss 8:2.
    Objectives for 8:2 (Also listed above in orange):  * Identify 3 schools of political thought.  * Trace the development of nationalism.   * Describe nationalism in the Balkans.   * Analyze reform in France & Russia.
    Note Taking Guideline:  As you read, write down all the headings/subheadings and take notes under them.  Include terms/definitions and names/identifications when they appear in the text.  After reading and taking notes, see if you can find the answers to the objectives within your notes.  If you can, mark the answer in a different color or highlight it.  If you can't find the answer to an objective, go back and re-read, find the answer, and add to your notes in a different color.  We will be doing this throughout the year.
    *** HERE IS A TEMPLATE FOR 8:2'S NOTES ***  (You can use this to fill in electronically or use it as a guide to write out your notes.)
    Wednesday, 10/23/19 - Agenda:  1) Go over tests and finish reflections. 2) Introduction discussion questions (See p. 247 in book for pie chart)  3) Go over homework  HW: Read (if you haven't already) and use p. 247-252 to complete 8:1's Guided Reading.  
    Tuesday, 10/22/19 - Plan for the Day:  1) Chapter 8 Papers passed out   2) Test today over Chapter 7 - The French Revolution & Napoleon!  2) When finished, complete the top part of your test reflection  3) Begin homework assignment.  HW: Use p. 247-252 to complete "Latin American Peoples Win Independence."  Bring test reflection with you to class.
    Monday, 10/21/19 - Today's Happenings:  1) Go over 7:5's Guided Reading & Reteaching Activity.  2) Play Kahoot to review for Chapter 7 Test.  HW: Study for test... It's tomorrow.

    Friday, 10/18/19 - Today's Agenda:  1) Complete the Guided Reading and Reteaching Activity for 7:5.  2) Study the Visual Summary (You have a hard copy and there's a copy on p. 242 in your book.) - You will need to classify items as Long-Term Cause, Immediate Cause, Immediate Effect, or Long Term Effect on your test.  Use the Visual Summary to study.  3) Don't forget: Test is Tuesday.  HW: No official homework IF DONE with in class assignment, but you may want to study for Chapter 7's test.
    Thursday, 10/17/19 - Plan for the Day:  1) Evaluate work (Discuss/Clarify) - Make C&As in different color.  2) Work on in-class assignment: Read p. 238-241 and fill in Metternic's Problems/Solutions chart as you read the section and answer 4 questions related to the reading.   HW: None  IF finished with in-class assignment.
    Wednesday, 10/16/19 - Agenda:  1) How do you feel toward your city?  (Concept: Nationalism)   2) Napoleon's actions: Mistakes & Results.  HW: Check your work for accuracy (or get it done if you didn't finish last night). (Re-read p. 234-237 if you need to revisit the material.)
    Tuesday, 10/15 - Today's Plan:  1) What makes an empire?  Do they exist today?  2) Napoleon Seizes Power - p. 229-230.  3) Evaluate work (Make C&As in different color).  4) Review/Discussion Questions  HW:  Read 234-237 and complete the chart as you read and (mentally) complete the Skillbuilder Practice - Interpreting Maps questions (See p. 236); Complete rest of packet when done reading. [So, 7:4 Guided Reading & Section Assessment Questions Packet has all of the assignment, except reading and answering the questions (to yourself) for Interpreting the Map.]  The packet will be graded Thursday, but YOU MUST READ TONIGHT and do the first chart in the packet!

    Thursday, 10/10 - Hodge-Podge Day!  1) Finish correcting Ch 7 MI, WIMN, Terms & Names.  2) Put remaining Chapter 7 papers in binder.  (Check the online classroom if out; Try to stay current.)  3) Need scores for 7:2's GR & CAT&C - Comparing Revolutions in America & France papers.  HW: None if you have completed 7:3's Packet (see link below).  
    Wednesday, 10/9 - Sorry for not having this updated.   Plans have been adjusted.  Today we CORRECTED the Chapter 7 Main Ideas, Why It Matters Now, Terms & Names packet that you did in groups on your Chromebooks.  We will finish corrections tomorrow.  You were given the 7:3 packet (Guided Reading & Section Assessment Questions) on Monday to complete for homework.  Don't lose it or throw it away!  We will get to it!  (Save it for Tuesday.)

    Friday, 10/4/19 - Agenda for the Day!  IT'S MUM DAY!  students will work on 7:2's Guided Reading  & Connections Across Time & Cultures worksheets.  HW: None if done with in-class work. 
    Thursday, 10/3/19 - Plan:  (10-11 Finish Estate Presentations first)  1) Discuss 7:1's Section Assessment Questions  2) 7:2 Guided Lecture (Fill in guided notes)  HW: Read for Meaning p. 222-227
    Wednesday, 10/2/19 - Today's Agenda:  Estate Presentations TODAY!  HW: Complete 7:1's Section Assessment Questions.
    Thursday, 9/26/19, Friday, 9/27/19,  Monday, 9/30/19, & Tuesday, 10/1/19 - Agenda:  We will be doing a lesson about ESTATES, using technology.  In entirety, it wil take 3 4 days, which includes the presentations.
    ACTIVITY: Create multimedia presentation that helps untangle the complex social ties of the period.  Use text, images, and sound to organize facts about the major groups in French society.  (Each group will be responsible for researching the lives of the people from a specific group in French society on the eve of the French Revolution AND creating a fill-in-the-blank sheet to go along with the presentation.)
    TASK: Each group will assume the role of one of the following groups of people (as assignned): The French peasantry, bourgeoisie, nobility, and clergy.  You will be finding out what life would have been like for members of your assigned group on the eve of the revolution.
    To complete the task above, you will use the book (primarily 7:1) as your basis for facts and information.  You will answer a series of questions (posted on Google Classroom) from the perspective of the estate members your group represents.  
    HW: [This will be assigned on Monday, the 3rd day of this lesson, and will be due Tuesday, 10/1/19.] Complete 7:1 Section Assessment Questions.
    Thursday, 9/26/19 - Adjusted Agenda:  1) Checked the French Revolution Begins questions.  (Discussed possible answers, the 3 Estates, and the portions of French Society that each made up.)  2) Groups were given time to REVISE the identifications of the people (no online answers; need to use section of text) and generally make sure that everything is done thoroughly and that directions were followed.  (Once everything has been double checked and is good to go, one person from the group is to share the completed document with me, Ms. E.)  HW: None if everything for your Chapter 7 Main Ideas, Why It Matters Now, Terms, & People  assignment is complete and turned in.  
    Wednesday, 9/25/19 - Today's Happenings:  1) Open books to 214-215; discuss answers to Intro Questions.  2) Discussion questions, Main Idea Statement, and Why Study the French Revolution & Napoleon? (Fill in blanks handout)  HW: Finish your class discussion summary. (Make sure you date your work.)  Finish MI, WIMN, Terms & People assignment. One printout for your whole group is due first thing tomorrow.  Read p. 217-221; Complete "The French Revolution Begins" handout.
    Tuesday, 9/24/19 - Plan for the Day:  1) Discuss CIB answers (Students make C&As in different color)  2) Intro questions (Passed out/explained; this is for HW)  3) In small groups, students will complete the Chapter 7 Main Ideas (MI), Why It Matters Now (WIMN), Terms & People assignmentHW: Using 214-216 and your own prior knowledge, answer questions on handout given to you (Intro Questions).  Finish your part of the MI, WIMN, Terms & People assignment.
    Monday, 9/23/19 - Agenda: 1) Go over tests (Students finish reflection)   2) Receive new NB Tab for Chapter (*Create new folder for Chapter 7)  3) Read Chapter 7 and Chapter 8 Chapter-In-Briefs and Answer Questions.  HW: Finish CIB Questions


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