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    Assignments are listed on the day assigned and are due the next day, unless otherwise stipulated.

    10 Questions book - Chapter Discussion Leaders & Dates:   (Lauren needs to pick.)

    Chapter 4 - Why are People Unequal in Society? - Sydney, Lauren, Sarah - February 28th

    Chapter 6 - Why Can't Everyone Be Just Like Us? - Rileigh & Georgie - March 24th

    Chapter 7 - Why Is There Misery In the World? - Brynn, Emily, Rachel - TBA

    Chapter 8 - Does the Individual Really Make a Difference? - Exidus & Tenzin - TBA

    Every attempt will be made to stick to these dates, though there's always a chance that we made need to adjust this plan due to unforeseen circumstances.

    You are expected to have the questions and discussion notes with you and PRINTED.  You may print from home, but if you need me to do it, I will need it the day before during class. 


    Chapter Learning Goals & Lesson Objectives:

    General Overall

    Students will know...

    * How sociologists use survey research, secondary analysis, and field research methods.

    * How various types of variales & correlations differ.

    * Standards for ethical research in sociology today.

    Students will be able to...

    * Describe how sociologists use quantitative & qualitative methods to understand sociological phenomena.

    * Explain the types of variables, correlations, and causations in sociology.

    * Analyze the possible ethical implications of a sociological study based on standards for ethical research.


    Students will know...

    * How sociology use survey research, secondary analysis, and field research methods.

    * How to work with statistics, evaluate Internet sources, and read tables & graphs.

    Students will be able to...

    * Explain how sociologists use various quantitative & qualitative methods.

    * Analyze how useful an Internet sources, table, graph, or group of statistics might be.


    Students will know...

    * The concept of multiple causation.

    * How various types of variables & correlations differ.

    * The three standards showing causation.

    Students will be able to...

    * Explain the concept of multiple causation.

    * Identify types of variable & correlations.

    * Hypothesize about causation of sociological patterns.


    Students will know...

    * The steps of the scientific method.

    * Historical examples of unethical experiments that produced tragic results.

    * The standards for ethical research in sociology today.

    Students will be able to...

    * Apply the scientific method to sociological research.

    * Explain why some historical studies were unethical.

    * Determine if a research project meets ethical research standards.

    Ch 2 Project Info and Choices

    Presentation Day: Thursday, 2/27/20

    Assignments for Projects:  

    Choice A - 

    Choice B - Exidus, Sarah, Rileigh

    Choice C - Emily, Sydney

    Choice D - Rachel, Lauren

    Choice E - Georgie, Tenzin, Brynn

    Chapter 2 PowerPoint Presentation (Whole thing; Sections divided with a learning check)

    Copy of old study guide for Chapter 2 test (This will be fine to use... The exact numbers of questions could change, but the content is the same.)

    DAILY POSTS:  (This is the plan, but it is subject to change. Check back frequently for updates.)

    Wednesday, 3/4/20 - Plan for the Day:  1) Go over tests; Finish test reflections   2) New papers   3) Assign projects (Students will know which project they are to complete for chapter 3.)  4) Time to meet with project group members --- and/or --- Work on Chapter 6's (10 Qs Book) Reading/Questions - "Why Can't Everyone Be Just Like Us?" - p. 129-148.  HW:  Read/Notes p. 129-148 and answer questions.  (This does not have to be finished, but you do need to read.)

    Tuesday, 3/3/20 - Agenda:  Test over Chapter 2 - Research Methods - TODAY!   When done, complete the top portion of your test reflection.  Then, work on the following tasks:  1) Read over the project choice list for chapter 3 projects.  Rank them (top 3 choices - #1 favorite).  2) Peruse/Skim Chapter 3 - See what the chapter's all about.  HW: Ranking of Ch 3 projects & peruse Chapter 3.

    Monday, 3/2/20 - Today's Plan:  Today we will review for the Chapter 2 Test.  HW: Study for Chapter 2's Test... It's tomorrow!

    Friday, 2/28/20 - Plan for the Day:  1) Finish up presentations (if not done).   2) Chapter 4 (10?s Book) Discussion: Why are People Unqual in Society?   HW: None officially... Test is Tuesday.

    Thursday, 2/27/20 - Today's Agenda:  Project Presentation Day!   HW: Read Chapter 4 (Why are people unequal in society?) in the 10 Questions book and answer questions (due 10/10)

    Wednesday, 2/26/20 - Today's plan: Today is a project work day. (Make wise use of this time!)  HW: Work on Chapter 2 Project finalization and/or reading Chapter 4 (Why are people unequal in society?) in the 10 Questions book and answering questions (due 10/10)

    Tuesday, 2/25/20 - Plan for the Day: 1) Go over 2:3's Lesson Review.  2) Students will work in project groups to compile data and prepare to present their Chapter 2 Projects.  HW: Work on Chapter 2 Project finalization and/or reading Chapter 4 (Why are people unequal in society?) in the 10 Questions book and answering questions 

    Monday, 2/24/20 - Agenda: 1) Dr. Peter Publish scenario   2) Code of Ethics Review (see p. 58-61)  3) Begin assignment   HW: 2:3 Lesson Review.

    Friday, 2/21/20 - Today's Agenda:  1) Go over (Grade & discuss) 2:2 LR.  2) Discuss Focus on Research - Durheim's study on suicide  3) Procedures & Ethics in Research.  4) Comments?  Questions?  HW: Work on CHapter 2 project and/or 10 questions book Chapter/questions.

    Wednesday, 2/19/20 & Thursday, 2/20/10 - Plan for 2 Days: 1) What causes crime?  (What do you say?  What do sociologists & criminologists say?)   2) Review of Terms  3) Demonstration: Variables  4) Paired Learning Activity  5) Discuss correlations  (Positive & Negative)  6) Investigate quantitative & qualitiative variables  7) Review main points & standards of causation.  HW: 2:2 Lesson Review (Read over and freshen up your memory about Steps for Doing Research & Ethical Procedure in Social Research - p. 54-57.  (If you've already taken notes, as previously assigned, you're good to go!) Be working on assigned project for Chapter 2.
    Tuesday, 2/18/20 - Agenda:  1) Introduce Causation & Correlation and Procedures & Ethics in Research.  2) Watch & discuss 2:2 & 2:3's PowerPoint Presentation (see link above)  HW: Read Sections 2 & 3 (Chapter 2 big book p. 46-57); Make flashcards or a Quizlet for the terms.  (Important to get a handle on vocab for future lessons.)

    Friday, 2/14/20 - Happenings for the Day:  1) If we didn't get to it yet, we will discuss the answers to the "basic sociology skills" questions/problems.   2) Type up (following Ms. E's set up) the questions from your 10 Questions chapter, creating a template for everyone else to type into.  Share document with everyone in class.  3) Meet with the people assigned to the same project as you.  Set up "qualifiers" so that you are tallying the same information and the like.  HW: Work on your Chapter 4 10 Questions book responses and/or complete "research" for your Ch. 2 project.


    Thursday, 2/13/20 - Plan for the Day:  1) Finish with the "main points"/notes discussion from yesterday.  2) Discuss the Census   3) Basic Sociological Skills Practice  HW: Finish with Basic Soc Skills questions; Be prepared to work share your questions from the 10 Question chapter you are assigned and to meet with the people in the same Ch. 2 Project group as you to set up how you will collect data.


    Wednesday, 2/12/20 - Today's Agenda:   1) Go over (Grade & Discuss) 2:1's Lesson Review (Students make C&As in different color.)  2) [Students should take down notes throughout class today... There are 5 main points to jot down.]  Demonstration: Surveys  HW: Work on Chapter 2 Project; Take 2:1 Quiz (Online/Book)


    Tuesday, 2/11/20 - Plan for the Day:   1) Review lesson objectives  2) Lead off activity  3) Go over terms (Population, Sample, Representative Sample, Random Sample, etc.)  4) Demonstrations: Quantitative & Qualitative Research  HW: Complete 2:1's Lesson Review.


    Monday, 2/10/20 - Agenda:  Starting Chapter 2 - Research Methods - TODAY!  1) Project choices assigned (if not done already)  2) Code of Ethics (Read and take notes over)  3) Chapter project choices (Read over, fill out index card, turn in). See link above.  4) Read p. 36-42 (BIG book) and take detailed notes.  (See Chapter 2 PowerPoint slides, posted above.)  HW: Finish with the aforementioned tasks.


    Friday, 2/7/20 -  Today's Plan:  1) Go over tests and finish reflections.  2) Rank project choices (Ch 2 Project Assignments)   3) Assigning of 10 QUestions Book Discussion Leaders  HW: Read, think notes - Take time to delve into your chapter!  Work on reading, taking notes, and thinking about & answering the questions at the end of your chapter.

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