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    (Intro & Section 1)

    The students will learn... 
    ● the relationship of sociology to the other social sciences.
    ● the development of the field of sociology in the United States, including the contributions of Jane Addams & WEB DuBois.
    ● what sociologists mean by theoretical perspective.
    ● the definition of sociology.
    ● the sociological perspective and the sociological imagination. (Intro & Section 1)

    The students will be able to...
    ● explain the sociological perspective.
    ● outline the historical origins of sociology.
    ● describe the usefulness of theoretical perspective.
    ● explain the differences between sociology & the other social sciences.
    ● how to use the sociological imagination.`

    (Section 2)

    The students will learn...
    ● the contributions of early European pioneers of sociology.
    ● the development of the field of sociology in the United States, including the contributions of Jane Addams & WEB DuBois. 

    The students will be able to...
    ● describe theories of European pioneers in sociology.
    ● analyze the contributions of early American sociologists.

    (Section 3)

    The students will learn...
    ● what sociologists mean by theoretical perspective.
    ● the theoretical assumptions of functionalism.
    ● the theoretical assumptions of conflict perspective.
    ● the theoretical assumptions of symbolic interactionism. (Section 3)

    The students will be able to...
    ● describe key concepts of sociology.
    ● analyze the role symbolic Interactionism in social change.


    Friday, 9/13/19 - Today's Agenda:  Students will continue to read and delve further into their choice (now assigned) chapter from the 10 Questions book.  Make sure you are reading for meaning.  Take notes.  Add insights, thoughts, examples.  Think about what you've read and additional points that you would like to discuss, besides just the questions at the end of the chapter.  Eventually you will need to have the questions answered thoroughly so go ahead and make a template of the questions.  You can start to answer them and then add to your work.  This may take a couple readings to be fully prepped to lead discussion.  This is a day to work as you need to get you started on this adventure!  HW: None.


    Thursday, 9/12/19 - Plan for the Day: 1) Go over test/Complete test reflection.  2) Discuss 10 Questions work/responses.   3) Read chapter & take notes - Choice/Assigned chapter from 10 Questions book.  HW: Read, think, notes - Take time to delve into your chapter of choice!  Work on reading, taking notes, and thinking about and answering the questions at the end of your chapter.


    Wednesday, 9/11/19 - Plan:  Ch. 1 - Invitation to Sociology - Test TODAY!  HW: None.


    Tuesday, 9/10/19 - Agenda: 1) Complete Lesson Quizzes packet.  2) Check your answers.  (Use this as an additional study tool!)  3) Use the Chapter 1 Test Study Guide to study for the test.  HW: Test is scheduled for tomorrow.  Study!


    Monday, 9/9/19 - Today's Plan:  1) Evaluate your work.  (See Google Classroom.  Use Ms. E's key to check your 1:2 & 1:3 Guided Reading questions.)  2) Discuss "How do Sociologists Study Society?" chapter/questions. (Ms. E collected student work for this... Discussion has not happened yet.)  HW: Study for Chapter 1 Test. (It's on Wednesday.)

    Friday, 9/6/19 - Agenda for the Day:  (Log in to Google Classroom for directions.)  HW: Make sure your Guided Reading packet for 1:2 & 1:3 is complete.  Have your Chapter 1 - How do sociologists study society? - questions done (see p. 22).  Also, you have a test coming up soon.  Start studying!  Use the self-check quizzes from the book's website and study terms and people for starters.


    Thursday, 9/5/19 - Today's Plan:  1) Pull up Google Classroom.  Use the Opening Activities worksheet and follow instructions from teacher.   2) Watch, discuss, and add to your Theoretical Perspectives chart.  Here is a link to 1:3's PowerPoint Presentation.  (Note: The added links may not open, but the pictures and charts linked are in your book.)  HW: Make sure Chapter 1's Questions are all answered - 10 Questions Book;  Take the Self-Check Quiz(zes); there are several with the online resources. Minimally, take the one for 1:3.


    Wednesday, 9/4/19 - Agenda:  1) Rank your top 3 choices to lead discussion from the 10 Questions Book.  2) Use the book resource of the Theoretical Perspectives chart (also one on Google Classroom that you can use if you "make a copy") and list the characteristics and main assumptions of each of the perspectives --- Functionalism, Conflict Perspective, & Symbolic Interactionism.  HW: Finish the in-class assignment.  All questions for Chapter 1 (p. 22) in the 10 Questions book should be done and ready to discuss by Friday. 


    Tuesday, 9/3/19 - Plan for the Day:  1) Go over (Grade & Make additions to) Sociologist Pioneers People Cards  [Note:  Use THIS POWERPOINT presentation - 1:2 Origins of Sociology - to double check your work and to summarize the contributions of the Sociology Pioneers.]   2) Discuss p. 1-7 of the 10 Questions book, including #1 & 2 from p. 22  3) Read the rest of Chapter 1 in 10 Questions book (p. 7 (Importantce of Rational Proof) - 22 and complete #3-6 p. 22 (Write out Qs & As).  HW: Finish 10 questions reading and questions (Chapter 1).  Be prepared to tell which chapter mosts interests you to lead discussion over.

    Friday, 8/30/19 - Today's Happenings:  1) Guidelines Quiz (?)  2) Create Sociology Pioneers flashcards  (Name and face on blank side; 3-5 contributions on lined side)  HW: None if finished with Sociology Pioneers fashcards.


    Thursday, 8/29/19 - Today's Agenda:  1) Finish last presentation.  2) Go over/Discuss answers to 1:1's handout and #1 & 2 (p. 22) from the 10 Questions book.  3) Time permitting: Begin assignment.  HW: Read for MEANING/Take notes over p. 12-19 (ALL). Use the objectives and section assessment questions to guide your note-taking.  Also, don't forget: Possible guidelines & expectations quiz tomorrow.


    Wednesday, 8/28/19 - Today's Plan:  1) Work on skits/newscasts.  2) Present skits/newscasts.  3) Check for understanding   HW: View 1:1 PowerPoint and complete 1:1 handout. (See Google Classroom if you have trouble opening the items from here.)


    Tuesday, 8/27/19 - Plan for the Day:  1) When does perspective come into play? (Homework)   2) Compare Sociology's perspective to Psychology's perception.   3) Small Groups - Prepare a kit or newscast over assigned area.  HW: Begin reading the 10 Questions book - Chapter 1 p. 1-7; Write or type out BOTH the QUESTIONS & ANSWERS to #1 & 2 p. 22. (The whole chapter and all the questions will eventually be assigned if you want to read/work ahead.)


    Monday, 8/26/19 - Agenda:  1) See p. 2 & 3 - Review timeline & identify individuals or events mentioned that you have learned about in US history.  2) Technological Change & the Birth of Sociology   3) Discuss perspectives vs. perceptions. 4) Sociological perspective is using the sociological imagination; Read p. 9 Using Your Sociological Imagination   HW: Think of another situation where perspective comes into play or when you needed to consider another's perspective.  (Write out a description of the situation & your reaction to it. Be prepared to share.)  Read p. 1-11 in your text.

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