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    NOTE: Assignments are listed on the day assigned and are generally due the next day, unless otherwise stipulated.

    The following are the lesson objectives per section. Depending on the day, there could be a specific objective addressed more in the lesson and/or we could be focusing on one set of objectives at the beginning of class and another by the end of class. Apply the objectives based on the section number daily.  Refer to this list for the lesson objectives.  (The daily posts will show the agenda for the day and the homework assigned.)
    Section 1
    * Define & explain the significance of geocentric theory, Scientific Revolution, heliocentric theory, Galileo Galilei, sceintific method, and Isaac Newton.
    * List circumstances that led to the Scientific Revolution.
    * Summarize the development of gthe heliocentric theory.
    * Describe the scientific method & explain Newton's law of gravity.
    * Describe the importance of the scientific method in different fields.
    Core Concepts Related Objectives (This is in between Section 1 & 2)
    ● Understand the significance of the terms democracy, republic, social contract, and the right to life, liberty, and property with regard to the US Constitution.
    ● Discover the connection between the Enlightenment ideas and thoughts and the thought processes of our founding fathers, in regard to writing the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.
    ● Describe how the Enlightenment’s revolutionary intellectual activity challenged Europeans’ view of government and society and, thus, gave way to Revolution (specifically The American & French Revolutions).
    Section 2
    * Define & explain the significance of Enlightenment, social contract, John Locke, philosophe, Voltaire, Montesquieu, Rousseau, & Mary Wollstonecraft. 
    * Explain the ideas of Hobbes & Locke and other Enlightenment philosophers.
    * Describe women and the Enlightenment
    * Explain the legacy of the Enlightenment.
    Section 3
    *  Define & explain the significance of salon, baroque, neoclassical, enlightened despot, and Catherine the Great.
    * Explain how Enlightenment ideas spread throughout Europe.
    * Describe changes in art, music, & literature during the Enligthenment. 
    * Show how Enlightenment ideas reformed monarchies in Purssia, Austrea, & Russia.
    Section 4
    * Define & explain the significance of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jeffereson, checks & balances, federal system, & Bill of Rights. 
    * Describe America's colonies in the late 1700s.
    * List events that led to the American Revolution.
    * Explain the Enlightenment's influence on American Government. 

    The test over Chapter 6 - Enlightenment & Revolution - is scheduled for THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 19th Friday, September 20th.  (This could change.)

    ON GOING ASSIGNMENT: Read over, study, memorize your Core Concepts!  




    Friday, 9/20 - Plan for the Day:  Test today over Chapter 6.  When done, complete the TOP PORTION of your Test Reflection.  HW: Enjoy your weekend.  Bring your reflection to class on Monday.


    Thursday, 9/19 - Today's Happenings:  Review for Chapter 6 Test!  1) Have students check their own work and make Corrections & Additions in a different color.  2) Go over how the test is set up.  3) Review - Practice questions!  HW: Study!  Test is TOMORROW!  Use your study guide! (It's linked above.)


    Wednesday, 9/18 - Today's Plan:  1) Grade/Check #1-8 & Visual Summary  2) Who did the extra credit?   3) Work on (the rest of the) Review Questions.  HW: STUDY FOR CHAPTER 6 TEST.  You need to know the CCs info.  Use the STUDY GUIDE and your work!


    Tuesday, 9/17 - Agenda for the Day:  1) Go over (Grade & discuss) 6:4's GR answers (Students make C&As in different)   2)  Review CCs (See link above)   HW: Copy the Visual Summary and do Terms & Names #1-8 (Both on p. 212 in your book)  *Make a table of all the old/new ideas/changes in chapter for extra credit.


    Monday, 9/16 - Plan for the Day:  (You will need a book, work assigned Friday and piece of NB paper.)  1) Discuss/Grade classwork/homework (from Friday)   2) Lesson Notes (Write date & notes on paper) -- Phrases & Meanings; Who gave us (specific) Enlightenment ideas   3) Work on 6:4 GR   HW: Fiish Guided REading Packet for 6:4... Use your past work to help you (and the text).

    Friday, 9/13 - Today's Agenda:  Each class is in a slightly different place, so I will attempt to give the overview specific to each class.  The assignment is the same for all of you - 8-9, 10-11, & 12-13.

    8-9 --  1) Turn in NCSS survey form.  2) Causes of American Revolution - Use cause & effect chart to retell the story to a classmate.  3) Start assignment (Homework if not done.)

    10-11 -- 1) Receive NCSS survey (Extra credit; Do outside of class; Return on Monday)  2) Causes of American Revolution (Cause & Effect chart)  -- Fill in and retell  3) Start assignment (Homework if not done.)

    12-13 -- ) Turn in NCSS survey form.  2) Causes of American Revolution - Use cause & effect chart to retell the story to a classmate.  3) Start assignment (Homework if not done.)

    Assignment: Read p. 209; Copy down “Enlightenment Ideas and the US Constitution Chart (p. 209) & the “Eligible Voters” graph/chart (p. 209) on a piece of paper.  Answer the questions #1-2 from “Connect to Today” section - incorporate question in answer (complete sentence) or write out question, then answer. (#2 has 2 parts: right to vote & exercising the right to vote.)



    Thursday, 9/12 - Plan for the Day:  1) Copy/Add to your Problems & Solutions chart. (Ms. E. will be checking your "What did you learn" summaries of presentations at this time.)   2) Review and emphasis: Enlightenment ideas & people (and their contributions)   3) Causes of the American Revolution  HW: TBA - Depends on where we end up... Annouced at end of class.


    Wednesday, 9/11 - Agenda:  1) Wrap up Enlightenment project presentations.  2) Discuss and make C&As to 6:3 GR & How Enlightenment Spread table.  3) Time permitting: Begin homework assignment.   HW: Finish your Summary of what you learned from the presentations.  Read 6:4 - p. 206-211; Make a Problem & Solution chart as you read this section: List the problems that the American colonists faced in shaping their republic & solutions they found.


    Tuesday, 9/10 - Today's Plan:  [Note: We will finish up Enlightenment project presentations on Wednesday.  After all presentations are complete, you will need to finish your summary about what you learned.  Hopefully you have already started, based on the presentations you've heard... That will be less work later.]  1) Log on to Google Classroom and follow directions from there.  You will be doing the following: a) Answering some questions regarding 6:3.  (Remember, you should have already completed 6:3's Guided Reading... Use it to help you!)  b) Make sure you check your answers when they are gone over... Make C&As in a different color.  c) Begin the homework assignment.  HW: Using 6:3 in your book, your Guided Reading for 6:3, and any notes you took to complete the "How Enlightenment Spread" table.  (Electronic copies will be posted on Google Classroom; Paper copies are available.)


    Monday, 9/9 - Enlightenment "Project" Presentations TODAY!  Audience members should jot down notes as each person presents.  HW: Write a summary of what you learned from the presentations. Make sure to write the date on your assignment. Minimum of 1/2 page typed... No more than 1 page typed.  (That's single spaced, 12 point font.)

    Friday, 9/6/19 - See Google Classroom - "Friday, 9/6/19 - Directions for the Day"   HW: Your Enlightenment choice project must be ready to go BEFORE class on Monday.  Use the weekend, if you need to, to make your final adjustments.  Also, bring your completed 6:3 Guided Reading with you to class. (Keep it in your binder so you have it when we need it.)


    Wednesday, 9/4 & Thursday, 9/5/19 - Agenda:  Students will select an Enlightement project to complete and prepare to present.  The choices are listed on the Google Classroom (9/4/19 post).  The directions for each project choice are found with in the uploaded documents on Google Classroom.  Students will have Wednesday & Thursday to work on their projects in class.  The project should be ready for presentation before class on Friday. 

    Tuesday, 9/3/19 - Plan for the Day: 

    [Note: You should be reviewing the Core Concepts daily! *See link above.]   

    Practice Focused Reading & take detailed notes over Section 2.   Read for Meaning - p. 195-200 (6:2)

    Include In Notes:
    Changing Thinking
    List of Philosopher’s Beliefs - p. 196
    Major Ideas of the Enlightenment table p. 198
    * Use the Section Assessment questions and the objectives to guide your note-taking.

    HW: Finish READING FOR MEANING & Take notes - p. 195-200 (6:2). When done, review CCs (pink packet).

    Friday, 8/30/19 - What Happened Today?  1) Brief discussion over classroom guidelines & expectations.  2) Went over (Graded & Discussed answers) 6:1 Guided Reading Packet.  HW: None!  Enjoy your long weekend!


    Thursday, 8/29/19 - Agenda:   1) In small groups and using notes assignment (homework), create and fill in a "Scientific Ideas & Discoveries" chart with 3 columns: Scientific Instruments, Biology & Medicine, and Chemistry.  2) Groups will collaborate and add to their lists.  3) Questioning can lead to advancement.  The scientific method is still significant in modern medicine & science today.  HW: Complete 6:1's Reading Packet in 3 different colors.  1st - Try to answer as much as you can without looking at the book or your notes.  2nd - (In a different color) Fill in more with your notes.  3rd - (Different color) Use your book to find any answers you could not fill in yet. Make C&As in this (3rd) step, but don't black out or erase your changes.

     6:1 Reading Packet (Google Doc) - Graphic Organizers need to be drawn/added.

    Wednesday, 8/28/19 - Today's Plan:  1) Go over CIB Answers (Students make C&As in different color.)  2) Interact with History (see p. 188)   3) Discuss the Main Idea & Why It Matters Now (p. 189)   4)  Copy chart (skeleton) - Either write it out on paper or create one on your Chromebook.  [Ms. E will put on board]  HW: Read for Meaning: Read & Take Notes over p. 189-194.  Use the objectives & #2-8 p. 194 to guide your note-taking. 


    Tuesday, 8/27/19 - Plan for the Day:  First thing: Pull up your CIB answers so I can see them; You will need a book at your desk.  1) ENLIGHTENMENT (What does it mean?)  2) Chapter 6 Objective and Preview Main Ideas (See p. 186)  3) Timeline discussion (p. 186-187)   4) Interpreting Map (p. 187)  HW: Fix your CIB Answers. (Make sure you have been thorough and accurate as possible.)   


    Monday, 8/26/19 - Today's Agenda:  1) Check out the Core Concepts & Study Guide posted for you.  2) Create folders in Google Drive.  3) Use Google Classroom to complete classwork: Read the Chapter In Brief packet.  Make a copy of the CIB questions and then answer them.  HW: Finish any CIB questions you have not finished.

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