The page(s) under this heading is/are intended for American Government students and their parents/guardians to access general information and messages.  Whenever possible (which is nearly always), I will upload copies of handouts on the Sociology pages, so if you're missing something, check there!  Items (pages, handouts, assignments, and the like) will be posted with LATEST ON TOP.  Also, sometimes, I just might upload something that gets you (the students) extra credit or a special treat, so keep checking in!  
    USE THIS LINK to see a copy of the Classroom Guidelines & Expectations.
    In addition, I will be using Google classroom, too.  The class code is  3epgzc (1st Semester)  and hmimdwj (2nd Semester).  
    (Highlight/Copy the code. You will need that code to "enter" the class.)
    Take care & have a GREAT SEMESTER!
Last Modified on August 20, 2019