• Pupil Services Department:  Mission, Vision, and Goals



    To promote a comprehensive developmentally, age-appropriate and sequential student services programming that supports the academic, career and social-emotional development of all students. 



    To maximize every student’s potential by encouraging mindsets and behaviors that enhance the learning process and create a culture of college and career-ready students well-prepared to meet the challenges and high expectations in a diverse and changing world. Through partnerships with parents, families and the community, we can focus on the needs and issues related to student growth. The pupil service department is not only a support service, but a part of a total educational program that creates a culture of caring and inclusivity that is proactive, preventative and responsive to individual student needs. 



    Goal 1: To increase student, parent and community engagement through open and transparent communication. 


    Goal 2: To create a district-wide Culture of Caring that promotes inclusion, acceptance and respect. 


    Goal 3: To implement programming that increases the coping, problem-solving, resiliency and preventative skills of students to better deal with difficult situations.


    Goal 4: To increase access to academic researched-based resources and interventions for students while preparing them for higher education. 


    Goal 5: To ensure all students are prepared for a career with the skills needed to navigate life beyond high school. 


    Goal 6: To increase collaboration among pupil service staff members (guidance counselors,school psychologists, therapist, ESL tutors, intervention tutors).