• Copley Music Boosters 2018-2018 Middle School Patron Drive



    Platinum Composer Circle $150.00 or more

    Micha Baird

    Shawna Gfroerer

    Sid Joy

    Raymond and Jodi Margie

    Rovnak Family


    Golden Maestro Guild $75.00 or more

    Mark and Lisa Armelie

    Dies Family

    The Fenderbosch Family

    Flyod Family

    Hessel Family

    The Kleidon Family

    Greg and Paula Meeker

    Matt and Jennifer Labbe

    Chad and Susan Leach

    Richard Weng


    Silver Treble Clef Club $30.00 or more


    Albertson Family

    Nate Amos

    Boughton Family

    Boyd Family

    Tanika Brooks

    Mr. and Mrs. Covil

    Mark and Sue Deptowicz

    Foster Family

    Tina Haddad

    The Hamiltons

    Kristy and Fred Himmelreich

    Hinderegger Family

    Mike and Kathy Hoover

    Sumru and Charles Johnson

    Lori Kancherla

    Riley Kohut

    Julie Lee Kyeshin

    Denna Kleinheinz/Richard Londraville

    Mr. and Mrs. Fred Luecke

    Mendise Family

    Periard Family

    Cathy Riedel

    Schlarb Family

    Heather Shamrowikz

    Jason and Arin Sloan

    Emily and Seth Solberg

    Brent and Susan Strandberg

    Luciano and Christine Tatangelo

    Twohig Family

    Alix and Louis Vernon

    Michelle Weng

    Todd and Jamie Willis

    Yensho Family

    Janet and Dave Young

    Bowen Zheng

    April Stephens


    Bronze Bass Clef Club $10.00 or more



    Tom Arp

    Morgan Beach

    John Beavers Jr., Kennedy Beavers, Dornesha Beavers

    Blasdel Family

    Amy/Kaitlyn Byerly

    Dante and Sandra Cannata

    Charlynn Coleman

    Gavin and Kayla Dies

    Aiden Donaldson

    Durant Family

    John and Tammy Eblen

    Joshua Garner

    Mark and Nancy Gibson

    Shilo and Nathan Gottlieb

    Maren Hider

    Nolan Hider

    Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kelly

    John King

    Danielle Koberna

    Abby, Erin, and Mike Kolonich

    THe Lancianeses

    William Lawhon

    Brian and Felicia Lee

    Lillis Family

    Alayna Maillard

    Fiona Marlborough

    Addyson Miller

    Chloe Neumeyer

    Ohio Moble Gaming

    Arjun Patel

    Ethan Prologo

    Govind and Lynette Pandel

    Catherine Rohr, Andrew Rohr

    Roush Family

    The Ryans

    Saris Family

    Danica Seals

    George Sekas

    Sherman Family

    Mike Shu

    Smargiasso Family

    Jake Stitsinger

    Rayna Walls

    James Waterman

    Brian and Marie Wood

    Amanda Yurechko

    Zhe Family