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Akron 2019

 March 9, 2019


Congratulations to the entire Science Olympiad team on your hard work at the University of Akron Regional Competition. Your hard work and dedication to your events was evident as you excelled in the competition and claimed medal after medal at the awards ceremony. Thank you to all of our coaches and parents for your continued support with our program. It is only with your endless time and encouragement that we are able to build such a strong S.T.E.M foundation for these amazing kids. I cannot express in words how much your time and energy means to me! 


Overall our middle school teams placed fourth and ninth in the region. Our high school team placed third. Both middle school and high school will be advancing to States at The Ohio State University at the end of April. I am so proud of each one of you! 


Congratulations to the following middle school students that placed in the top 6 at the Regional Competition:


Division B: Middle School

Anatomy: 6th Rachel Stark and Grace Lancianese 

Battery Buggy: 4th Eric Luster and Sarah Lawerence

Crime Busters: 3rd Opal Londarville and Bowen Zheng

Disease Detectives: 3rd Zoe Ashenfelter and Rachel Stark

                                   4th Hannah Roush and Sullivan Marriotti

Dynamic Planet: 2nd Casey Boyd and Brendan Hiwiller 

Experimental Design: 1st Karl Brozeit, Chloe Fenderbosch, Sopia Rohr

                                      5th Casey Boyd, Frankie Alreyami , Hannah Roush

Fossils: 2nd Harrison Rothchild and Sam Burford 

Herpetology: 1st Izzy Januszewski and Sarah Lawerence

                        5th Collin Fenderbosch and Nitin Rajan 

Mystery Architecture: 4th Collin Fenderbosch and Carter Rohr

Road Scholar: 3rd Karl Brozeit and Bowen Zheng

Roller Coaster: 1st Collin Fenderbosch and Nitin Rajan

Solar Systems: 3rd Zoe Ashenfelter and Harrison Rothchild

                           6th Frankie Alreyami and Brendan Hiwiller

WIDI: 1st Chloe Fenderbosch and Opal Londraville 



Congratulations to the following middle school students that placed in the top 6 at the Regional Competition:


Division C: High School

Anatomy: 1st Rebecca Stark and Daniel Garner

Chem Lab: 6th Adam Lampner and Bibhus Luitel

Designer Genes: 5th Cassidy Talsma and Adam Lampner

Disease Detectives: 1st Lauren Elicker and Rebecca Stark

Experimental Design: 3rd Cassidy Talsma, Adam Lampner, Zach Estephan

Forensics: 4th Lauren Elicker and Max Brozeit

Fermi Questions: 5th Tyler Meeker and Chase Fickes

Fossils: 1st Tyler Meeker and Adam Lampner

Herpetology: 3rd Daniel Garner and Hannah Oldham

Mission Possible: 5th Jerry Talsma and Zach Estephan

Sounds of Music: 3rd Lauren Elicker and Cassidy Talsma

Water Quality: 5th Lauren Elicker and Cole Hopkins

Wright Stuff: 4th Max Brozeit and Zach Estephan