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    The following are the lesson objectives per section. Depending on the day, there could be a specific objective addressed more in the lesson and/or we could be focusing on one set of objectives at the beginning of class and another by the end of class. Apply the objectives based on the section number daily.  Refer to this list for the lesson objectives.  (The daily posts will show the agenda for the day and the homework assigned.)
    Section 1
    ● Define & explain the following key terms:  popular sovereignty, limited government, constitutionalism, rule of law, separation of powers, checks & balances, veto, judicial review, unconstitutional, and federalism.
    ● Describe the basic outline of the Constitution (the structure).
    ● List the six basic Constitutional principles and explain their meaning: Popular sovereignty, limited government, checks and balances, separation of powers, federalism, and judicial review.
    Section 2
    ● Define & explain the following key terms: amendment, ratification, formal amendment, Bill of Rights.
    ● Identify the four different ways by which the Constitution may be formally changed.
    ● Explain how the formal amendment process illustrates the principles of federalism and popular sovereignty.
    ● Discuss how several amendments have been proposed, but not ratified.
    ● Outline the 27 Amendments that have been added to the Constitution.
    Section 3
    ● Define & explain the following key terms: executive agreement, treaty, electoral college, Cabinet, senatorial courtesy.
    ● Identify how basic legislation has added to our understanding of the Constitution over time.
    ● Describe the ways in which the executive & judicial branches have interpreted the Constitution.
    ● Analyze the role of party practices and custom in interpreting the Constitution.
    NOTICE:  Chapters 3 & 4 Test Date - Wednesday, 10/30/19 Friday, 11/1 Tuesday, 11/5. (Revised 10/18/19)
    DAILY POSTS:  (Plans may be altered... Check back frequently.)
    Friday, 10/25/19 - Today's Plan:  Today students will take Quarter 1's Common Assessment in Edcite.  We will then discuss some of the answers.  HW: Read "All about Federalism (Chapter 4)" packet.  Make notations & highlight (as needed).
    Thursday, 10/24/19 - Plan for the Day:  1) Start with bolded questions on p. 84... Then do quick opinion poll in class.  2) Discussion groups (Students will be grouped based on which questions they answered.) Students will discuss what they discovered about: trends noticed and opinion of the political parties. 3) Groups will present collaborative discoveries.  HW: For 3:3's RQP, use the TEACHER'S ANSWERS to evaluate your work.  Make sure you make Corrections & Additions in a DIFFERENT COLOR.  Mark your score at the top.  (There's 22 points.)
    Wednesday, 10/23/19 - Today's Agenda:  1) Read p. 85-88.  3) Complete 3:3's RQP. (Turn in today) HW: (Finish the RQP for 3:3 if not done). Don't forget p. 84's Assignment is due tomorrow - Blue #1 & 2.
    Tuesday, 10/22/19 - Plan for Today: 1) Watch & discuss 3:3's PowerPoint Presentation. (Students fill in 3:3's PowerPoint Notes Packet.)  2) Quick Review/Questions?  3) Begin assignment due tomorrow - HW:  Finish PowerPoint Notes if not done. Don't forget BLUE #1 & 2 p. 84 are due Thursday.
    Assignment Due Thursday:  Look at p. 84 as you go through these directions.  a) Read. b) Consider (think about) the bolded questions at the top of the page.  c) Do BLUE #1 and #2 (Choose a question for each.)  [Answers/Responses will be discussed on Thursday.] 
    Monday, 10/21/19 - Today's Plan:  1)  Fill in 3:2's Outline.  2) Watch & discuss 3:2's PowerPoint Presentation.  (Students fill in the PowerPoint Notes Packet for 3:2.)  HW: Finish the PowerPoint Notes, if not done... Read p. 78-84.   Make sure you actuall read all of p. 84... Consider (think about) the bolded questions at the top of the page and do the BLUE #1 (Choose a question) & #2 (Chose One Question).  We'll be discussing your findings on Thursday.

    Friday, 10/18/19 - Today's Agenda:  1) Finish presentation of findings from the Constitution Scavenger Hunt.   2) Use 3:1 Quiz copy as practice/study tool.  3)  Fill in 3:2's Outline.  4) Watch & discuss 3:2's PowerPoint Presentation.  (Students fill in the PowerPoint Notes Packet for 3:2.)  HW: Finish the PowerPoint Notes.
    Thursday, 10/17/19 - Plan for the Day: 1) Present findings of Constitution Scavenger Hunt (each group will speak to class).  2) Possible: Quick Quiz over 3:1.  HW: None, if your Constitution Scavenger Hunt packet is complete.
    Wednesday, 10/16/19 - Agenda: 1) Grade (go over & discuss) 3:1's Extend worksheet/packet.  2) In assigned groups (see below), complete assigned portion of the Constitution Scavenger Hunt. (The attached is a revised copy of the paper copy you have in your folders/binders... THIS one - the one linked here - has the Article, Section, & Clause numbers noted already.) HW: Finish your part.  It must be completed BEFORE class tomorrow.
    Popular Sovereignty & Judicial Review - Matt, Kenneth
    Limited Government & Judicial Review - Cole, Meleah, Caleb
    Checks & Balances & Judicial Review - Alex, Sydney, Mitchell
    Separation of Powers & Judicial Review - Aaron, Ryan, Brenae, Kelly
    Federalism & Judicial Review - Nathan & Kierra
    Tuesday, 10/15/19 - Plan for Today: 1) Go over (discuss & grade) 3:1's RQP and Marbury case questions.  2) In pairs or triads, students may work on the EXTEND exercises.  HW: Complete 3:1's Extend worksheet/packet.  Be ready to delve into the Constitution next week!

    Thursday, 10/10/19 Wednesday, 10/9/19 - Agenda:  1) Book notes collected (homework)  2) Students will work on 3:1 Basic Principles Reading Questions Packet and Marbury Case reading & questions (all in one packet) HW: Finish packet.
    Wednesday, 10/9/19 Tuesday, 10/8/19 - Plan for Today: 1) Book notes collected (homework)  2) Go over tests.  3) Discuss Chapter 3's Essential Question:  How has the Constitution lasted through changing times?  (You should ask yourself this question as we continue through this chapter.)  2) Discuss quote on p. 66-67.  4) Watch 3:1's PowerPoint Presentation. (Students fill in the PowerPoint Notes Packet for 3:1.)  HW: If you didn't finish the PowerPoint notes, finish them! :)
    Monday, 10/7/19 - Today's Plan:  In class assignment - Read p. 68-75 and Take Notes.  Your notes must include the following:  a) Concept Web completed (skeleton is on p. 68; copy and complete); Green chart p. 69 - Articles of Constitution; Checks & Balances diagram with pics & arrows p. 73; Who has the power Venn diagram (make sure it's labeled) p. 74.     HW: Read the "All About Chapter 3 - Constitution" (pale yellow) packet. Highlight/underline/jot down notes in margin.
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