• Copley Music Boosters 2018-2019 Patrons


    Platinum Composer Circle

    Ernie and Ann Wachs 

    Greg and Lisa Thompson

    David and Anne Shay                                                       

    Tom and Javan Rench


    Blair and Raymond Lampner

    Chantal and Paul Ergh                                                     

    Diane Caye

    Carla and David Cremers

    The Kohut Family                          

    The Force Family

    Brian Bagatto & Jodi Kearns

    Dave & Marcy Supelak


    Golden Maestro Guild

    Heather and Michael Williams                          

    Ron and Kim Fox

    The Hertz Family                                                   

    John and Cheryl Luck

    Alice and David Basinski                                      

    John Walker and Sherry Michney

    Travis and Anne Hilty                                           

    The Hartz-Rudolph Family

    Beth and Bill Britton

    Matt and Jennifer Labbe

    Mr. & Mrs. Henry A Signore, Jr.

    Anand and Lori Kancherla


    Silver Treble Clef Club

    The Carrino Family                                              

    Mark and Sue Deptowicz

    John and Rhonda McCoy

    The Elliots: Danny, Karen, Erin and Joel         

    Thomas and Michelle Reed

    Scott and Nancy Jones                                               

    Romi and Greg Brozeit

    The Fonte Family                                              

    Ed and Melissa Gosney

    Braslawsce Family

    Pusateri Family                                                  

    Bob and Alice Rote


    Paul and Jennifer Dougal

    Christopher and Tina Daniels

    Tara and Carl Talsma

    Fred and Kari Masuoka


    Bronze Bass Clef Club

    Bill and Carolyn Bousfield

    Beth Annello

    Mr. and Mrs J. Tayse

    Cassandra Hirsh and Brian Harrell

    Dewain and Rachel Gammer

    Michael Able

    Richard and Ann McCord

    Eric Driscoll

    Beth Lehoty

    Roger and Nina A. Hamad

    The Collins Family 

    Brian Wood