• Copley-Fairlawn City Schools Online Resources and Student Privacy Information

    Copley-Fairlawn City School District (CFCS) considers the privacy, safety and security of our staff and students to be one of our most important responsibilities. Keeping children safe and secure while online includes keeping their data private. CFCS reviews online apps and resources to ensure they are appropriate for instruction, are compliant with federal student privacy laws and have measures in place to protect personally identifiable information.


    The list of approved CFCS online apps and resources requiring student logins or student personally identifiable information is located at the link below.  Please fill out this form if you would like to opt your student out of any of the approved sites. 


    CFCS Approved Online Resource List



    The CFCS Online Resources Consent Form is included in each student's online Annual Student Information Update form.  A copy of the form is available at the link below.  


    CFCS Online Resources Consent Form 


    Teachers may submit additional resources for a privacy review throughout the course of the school year.  If any resource approved during the school year requires parental consent, the teacher will notify parents before utilizing the site with their class.  


    CFCS teachers may submit a new site or extension for review by filling out the form at the link below. 


    CFCS Online Resource Review Form


    A generic online resource parental permission template can be accessed at the link below (for students under the age of 13).

    Online Resource Permission Form