•  Ctech Challenge


    What is the CTech Challenge?

    The CTech Challenge is an exciting part of the technology professional development program that is now in its second year. You can complete educational technology challenges at your own pace, on your own time. For each challenge you successfully complete, you will earn a badge and points. Awards will be given on a monthly basis to top point earners. You will be competing for individual awards and for building level awards.

    For a list of all the challenges and awards, see the CTech Challenge Flyer.



    There are two types of challenges – monthly challenges and achievement challenges. Each month from November – April there will be two new monthly challenges. All monthly challenges are worth 100 points. You do not have to complete the challenges in the months they are released (But there may be a surprise perk if you do!). Achievement challenges are available for the entire duration of the challenge and have higher point values.



    Monthly top teachers will be awarded a special surprise each month. The monthly top building will receive a CTech Jeans Day! Overall awards include exciting classroom technology updates.


    How do I get started?

    Check out www.ctechchallenge.com to get started. All challenges, earned badges and program information can be found on this site!