Team and Individual Expectations

    1. Plan to be at every practice and game. 
    2. Be on time to every practice.  
    3. Have a Positive Attitude at all times.
    4. Prepare to work hard for playing time. 
    5. Have good behavior in school.
    6. Maintain good grades.
    7. Be respectful to everyone (including teammates, Refs, opponents and other coaches) at all times.
    8. Play the Copley Way (no need to play dirty but be aggressive)

    Parent Expectations

    1. Email or Call me about any questions or concerns.
    2. 24 hour rule for after games- wait 24 hours after a game to contact me about concerns.
    3. Allow me to Coach your player!  In games, a player needs one voice for instruction and that belongs to me.  If there are more voices, the player will get confused and they will join me on the bench.  
    4. Respect the "Closed Gym" Policy for practices.  
    5. Be there to pick up your player on time from practices and games.  
    6. Support the Program and every member of the team!