• The schedule is here and there are a few things about the schedule you should know. 7th Grade Girls Basketball Schedule

    1. The schedule is subject to change.  For the most part it is accurate but things happen and changes have to be made on the fly sometimes.  Sorry in advance for the inconvenience but I will inform you ahead of time to limit any changes.
    2. There are Team Building activites I would like to do this season to help bring the team closer.  I am still working on that and have not added this to the schedule as of yet.  I love to incorporate parents in Team Building because I feel we all are contributing to the growth of these players as people.  I can discuss my plans for this at the Parent Meeting.
    3. Games are played on Tuesdays and Thursdays right after school.  Busing is provided to and from all games.  A sign out sheet is available at all AWAY games for parents to take their players home with them after the game.  A parent must text me if their player is going home with another parent.

    I am sure there is more I can cover however, I will wait until the Parent Meeting to address some of the scheduling questions.  I will also wait until the last day of Tryouts to post a schedule up here for you to view.


    If you have any questions, you can always contact me.




    Coach Berwa