• CHSGuidance  
  • Students will make course selections for the following school year in February.  Review your courses carefully and choose courses based on your career goal.


    Scheduling for 2024-2025 Timeline

    January 10: Scheduling Presentations

    • Students should have received their course selection sheets and watched a 20 minute presentation in LL on 1/10/24. Counselors will email all 9th-11th grade students and families a presentation on 1/12/2024, reviewing the scheduling process, course selections, and graduation requirements for all grade levels.

    January : 8-18 Teacher Recommendations

    • Teachers will be discussing the next appropriate level for students, describing possible course electives within their department, and notifying students of their recommendations throughout the week. 
    • Course selection sheets are due February 2nd to their social studies teacher or to the guidance office if they do not have a social studies class at CHS.

    Feb. 6th-March 4 : Scheduling Registration

    • Guidance will be visiting each Social Studies class during this time to review every student is on track for graduation, review and enter their course selections into the computer system, make sure they are enrolled in enough credits, and answer any questions they may have. *This is a great time for students to bring any questions they have. 

    May 1: Last Day to Change Course Selections

    Course Selection Sheet for Incoming 10th-12th grade students 


    Scheduling Policy Updates to Review:

    • Students should choose courses based on graduation requirements and their career goal
    • No course selections can be made after May 1st
    • College Credit Plus - due to college course scheduling being done in the summer, schedule changes may need to be made after the May 1st deadline
    • Marketing Job Program - students accepted into the work program may have a course load less than the required 6 classes and their schedule may be changed accordingly
    • Student-athletes are required to check eligibility requirements by meeting with the athletic director before dropping classes
    • Dropping Courses -  Students will have 20 days to drop a full-year course (1credit) at the start of the school year and 20 days to drop a semester course (.50 / .25 credit) at the start of each semester
      • Required courses can not be dropped
      • Students may not drop below the required 6 class minimum; no new courses can be added after May 1 deadline
      • Any course dropped after the twenty days will result in a “WF” (withdraw fail) on the student transcript and will be calculated in the GPA as a failure
    • Schedule corrections at the start of a school year will only be made for the following reasons:
      • Computer error
      • Classroom balancing
      • Minimum course load not met
      • Course failed previously
      • Completion of summer school
      • Changes to meet graduation requirements (seniors)
      • Change necessitated by the physical health of students 
      • Subject-level changes by the end of the 2nd quarter (as identified by a teacher of record with written support of student’s needs and parent permission) *Earned grade will  transfer with the student 
      • Administrator changes to meet the individual needs of a student


    9th Grade School Counselor Mr. Campana will be visiting the middle school on February 6th-7th to talk about scheduling for 9th graders during student's history class. 

    The 8th to 9th grade scheduling presentation for families will be held on February 8th at 5:30PM in the high school auditorium.