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    Welcome to Adavanced Placement U.S. Politics and Government!!  

    You have chosen an exceptional course that will help you be the informed and participatory citizen all Americans should aspire to.  You will be challenged in many ways and will be asked to master the inner-workings of the institutions and policies of our federal government.  We will approach the course through textbook reading, bookwork, terms/vocabulary, supplemental readings, current political cartoons and current events.  There will be chapter assessments, quizzes, and frequent exposure to material from the AP College Board exam such as multiple choice options and FRQs (free response questions) to help us prepare for the exam in May.  Find below the summer assignment for this course.  It is due the first day of class in hard-copy form.  Knowledge of these documents will be extensive but will be utilized consistently throughout the course so it is more than a worthwhile endeavor to spend time with them and to become very familiar with their content.  You do not need the textbook to complete this assignment.  There are links provided or you can gain access via the web to the necessary documents. Again, welcome to AP GoPo!!

    Contact me via email candice.chupek@copley-fairlawn.org for any questions or concerns.


    AP GoPo Summer Assignment

    AP GoPo Course Expectations











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