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Akron Regionals

Science Olympiad Team,

Congratulations on a very successful season! You all worked so hard and deserve all the pride and glory that you felt at the Akron Regional Competition. All 39 participants represented Copley-Fairlawn proudly with their determination, dedication, and academic aptitude. I am consistently in awe of your abilities and drive. The Science Olympiad Team competed against 24 of the region’s best and brightest students and our middle school varsity team has qualified for the state competition in April. Congratulations!


Below you will find a list of each teams individual top eight accomplishments. As a Science Olympiad Program, we placed in the top eight in


Overall, Copley-Fairlawn earned a 2nd, 8th, and 10th place finish at the Akron Regional Competition.



Thank you to all the coaches, parents, custodians, and administration for your commitment over the last seven months. It is only with your support and dedication to the students that they are able to succeed. I know they are as grateful as I am.


Middle School Division B:

Overall Place at the Akron Regional Competition:

Team A: 2nd (State Qualifier)

Team B: 8th


2nd Place: Anatomy: Jasmine Walker and Hannah Oldham


2nd Place: Bottle Rockets: Karl Brozeit and Pramod Muthigi

8th Place: Nimit Shaw and Chloe Fenderbosch

3rd Place: Crime Busters: Rachel Stark and Abhi Medapati

4th Place: Disease Detectives: Amanda Hohenshil and Hannah Potts

8th Place: Joshua Garner and Nimit Shaw

6th Place: Dynamic Planet: Riley Meeker and Amanda Hohenshil


8th Place: Ecology: Amanda Hohenshil and Hannah Potts

2nd Place: Experimental Design: Riley Meeker, Karl Brozeit, and Rebecca Stark

6th Place: Chloe Fenderbosch, Nimit Shaw, and Zach Estephan


7th Place: Fast Facts: Josh Hertz and Rachel Stark

3rd Place: Food Science: Natalie Vrobel and Rachel Stark

3rd Place: Hovercraft: Abhi Medapati and Pramod Muthigi
4th Place: Hovercraft: Nimit Shaw and Ravi Paudel

3rd Place: Invasive Species: Amanda and Hannah

5th Place: Izzy Januszewski and Ravi Paudel

4th Place: Meteorology: Rachel Stark and Jasmine Walker

5th Place: Microbe Mission: Pramod Muthigi and Riley Meeker

4th Place: Mission Possible: Izzy Januszewski and Ravi Paudel

5th Place: Rebecca Stark and Rachel Stark

5th Place: Optics: Eric Luster and Ravi Paudel

2nd Place: Reach for the Stars: Jasmine Walker and Hannah Oldham

3rd Place: Road Scholar: Abhi Medapati and Karl Brozeit

1st Place: Rocks and Minerals: Amanda Hohesnhil and Hannah Potts
2nd Place: Harrison Rothchild and Zach Estephan

2nd Place: Scrambler: Jasmine Walker and Ian Loose

8th Place: Chloe Fenderbosch and Zach Estephan

2nd Place: Wind Power: Cameron and Tim

2nd Place: Wright Stuff: Bowen Zheng and Zach Estephan
3rd Place: Hannah Potts and Ian Loose

1st Place: Write it Do it: Rebecca Stark and Jerry Talsma

7th Place: Cameron Roteck and Opal Londraville


Congratulations: Cameron Roteck, Opal Londraville, Nimit Shaw, Tim Vrobel, Izzy Januszewski, Bowen Zheng, Chloe Fenderbosch, Alexis Sheldon, Eric Luster, Ravi Paudel, Harrison Rothchild, Joshua Garner, Zach Estephan, and Sidney Leeper on your amazing performance at the competition!


The following middle school students qualified to attend the Science Olympiad State Competition at The Ohio State University on April 1st 2017: Hannah Oldham, Jasmine Walker, Hannah Potts, Amanda Hohenshil, Josh Hertz, Riley Meeker, Rebecca Stark, Rachel Stark, Abhi Medapati, Karl Brozeit, Pramod Muthigi, Jerry Talsma, Natalie Vrobel, and Ian Loose.


High School Division C:

Overall Place at the Akron Regional Competition: 10th


The high school team did a phenomenal job at the regional competition. They we able to place in top eight in nine different events. Their hard work has shown over the course of the year and they should be very proud of their accomplishments.  

6th Place: Chemistry Lab: AJ Lampner and Daniel Garner

7th Place: Disease Detectives: Lauren Elicker and Binnaz Shaik

8th Place: Ecology: Cassidy Talsma and Daniel Garner

5th Place: Experimental Design: Cassidy Talsma, AJ Lampner, and Cole Hopkins

1st Place: Game On: AJ Lampner and Sophie Weeks

7th Invasive Species: Daniel Garner and Max Brozeit

1st Place: Rocks and Minerals: AJ Lampner and Tyler Meeker

7th Place: Wind Power: Max Brozeit and Daniel Garner

8th Place: Write it Do it: Cassidy Talsma and Sophie Weeks

The following students should be recognized for their accomplishments this past weekend and for the entire season:

AJ Lampner, Cole Hopkins, Tyler Meeker, Chase Fickes, Lauren Elicker, Sophie Weeks, Cassidy Talsma, Daniel Garner, Max Brozeit, Chase Fickes, Binnaz Shaik, and Dina Bayachou.  



I am VERY thankful that I am able to work with such talented students and supportive parents. You continue to amaze me!


Thank you all for a wonderful season! We will see you again in September!


Jen Rieger


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