Degrees and Certifications:


Every week we continue to learn more and progress in our abilities. This past weekend we competed in our second invitational for the 2016-2017 school year at Kenston High School! With 38 Division B teams and 42 Division C teams in attendance Copley-Fairlawn continued to show their academic aptitude. 


The following students received top 10 finishes in the following events:


High School Division C

    1st Dynamic Planet: Chase and Cole

    5th Rocks and Minerals: Tyler and Aj


Middle School Division B

    8th Anatomy: Jasmine and Hannah P

    3rd Hovercraft: Ravi and Josh H

    10th Dynamic Planet: Jasmine and Amanda

    10th Ecology:  Amanda and Hannah P

    3rd Mission Possible: Izzy and Cameron 

    10th Rocks and Minerals: Harrison and Karl

    10th Invasive Species: Amanda and Tanner

    9th Disease Detectives: Amanda and Hannah P

    2nd Write it Do it: Rebecca and Opal



Way to go Copley-Fairlawn! Your hard work is paying off! Our next two invitationals will take place February 4th at Solon Middle School and February 11th at Mentor High School. Keep up the great work!