Throughout the school year we will need over 400 volunteer slots to be filled. We are asking every family to do their part and to sign up for at least 3 volunteer opportunities and help give back and support our amazing Copley High School Music Program and Middle School Music Program! We want the Freshman families to enjoy those first games and Senior Families to enjoy their last games.

    Below you will see the needs we currently have this Fall. Please know that we have such a huge pool of families that we cannot rely on a small few to do the work for many. How do we get stuff like new uniforms, event grill and all the little extras? Well, it's by the heart and hands behind the concessions fundraisers for the sports at Copley High School. We are lucky we didn't have to pay to play, yes that would go for our music program as well. 
    This is a great opportunity for Senior Hours too!! CHS is a huge YES!
    Click on the links below which will take you to the Sign Up Genius sheets - Thanks!