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    Home Games concessions: Basketball games & tournament

    Spring Sports | Football | Soccer & Volleyball

    Special Needs:  OMEA Competition | Uniforms 

    Away Games:  Chaperones | Drivers  | Front Ensemble


    VP of Concessions: Ashley Gerenda | VP of Uniforms: Teresa Roush


    YOU are appreciated!

    Your help is vital for Copley's @home events.

    We cannot raise funds without you.

    Please help!

    This is a great opportunity for Senior Hours too!

    Ways You Can Help:

    1. Concession VolunteerWE NEED YOU! Please volunteer AT LEAST TWICE during the school year at a home sporting event on dates that work for you. (links above)
      • This is our largest source of fundraising and requires help from all.
      • It's a great way to meet other Copley-Fairlawn parents by sharing a couple hours of your time!


    1. OMEA Volunteer this is A BIG ONE!!  Many helping hands are needed to ensure this event goes smoothly: set up, parking, raffles, concessions, and tear down. 
      • This competition is our second largest source of fundraising - we need ALL hands on deck for this event.


    1. Financial Contribution – make a direct impact on our fundraising needs with a monetary donation! We are a tax deductible 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Please make an online donation today today.


    1. Sponsorships – Own a business? Can you secure a sponsorship from your employer? These donations directly offset Copley's music program expenses. Please make an online donation today today.

    Please give back and support our amazing Copley Middle and High School Music Programs!
    Although we have a huge pool of families, we cannot rely on a small few to do all the work.
    Copley music programs are greatly enriched by the hearts and helping hands behind the concession stands during high school sporting events.
    Without YOUR help, our music program could easily slip into one of the impoverished, pay-to-play scenarios other schools endure.