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    Our new year starts in the fall! Main Conference room (Band/Choir room as a backup).
    MISSION: provide financial & moral support to the music programs of Copley-Fairlawn Middle & High Schools. 
    VOLUNTEER TIME: from all band, choir and guard parents is essential to the success of our music programs.
    MEMBERSHIP: automatic to ALL parents/guardians of currently enrolled Copley music students in grades 5-12.

    We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, volunteer organization. Our concessions & fundraising activities provide instruments, uniforms, music, & more! We welcome and appreciate your support at our monthly meetings.

    Dear Music Parents & Guardians,

    We want to officially welcome you to the Copley Music Boosters with your student’s participation in one of the many Copley Music Programs. We are so pleased to have you join us and support the accomplishments of these valuable programs.


    The Copley-Fairlawn Schools Music Boosters supports ALL music programs at both the middle and high school levels. These programs include 5th-8th grade bands, 7th and 8th grade choirs, 9th-12th choirs, 9th-12th marching band/color guard/winter guard/concert bands/wind ensemble and the steel drum band.


    Without the support of the Copley Music Boosters these programs would simply not exist. We are asking you to  contribute in some way this season to support the Copley Music Boosters. With the current projected expenses, it takes all of us and our contributions to maintain these vital programs.


    Thank you for your support,

    the Copley Music Boosters.


    Officers | Music Directors

    As a band member, your students can look forward to some of the best times in their Copley High School lives! 

    Script Copley