Meeting Dates





    This is a great opportunity to receive information from the high school principal,

    other PTA members,and give input on CHS topics.
    PTSA Meetings
    September 14th 6:30PM 
    October 12th 6:30PM
    November 9th 6:30PM
    December 14th 6:30PM
    January 11th 6:30PM
    February 8th 6:30PM
    March 8th 6:30PM
    April 12th 6:30PM
    May 10th 6:30PM
    After Prom Meetings
    September 21st 6:30PM 
    October 19th 6:30PM
    November 16th 6:30PM
    January 11th 6:30PM
    February 15th 6:30PM
    March 15th 6:30PM
    April 19th 6:30PM