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Mentor Invitational

Students and Coaches; Our final invitational of the 2015-2016 school year at Mentor High School was amazing. Copley-Fairlawn represented their district well against the competition. 
With 95 teams in attendance from four states and over 2000 students competing in both the middle school (B) and high school division(C) , Copley-Fairlawn continued to show their academic aptitude and strong teamwork throughout the day. The following students received top 10 finishes in the following events:
3rd Place Geek Speak (C): Cole Hopkins and Aaron Lampner
9th Place Crave the Wave: Jun Sun and Amara Abdoulkarim
8th Place Dynamic Planet: William Yang and Jun Sun
2nd Place Elastic Launch Glider: AJ Lampner and William Yang
5th Place Elastic Launch Glider: Ian Loose and Ryan Lee
2nd Place Experimental Design (C): Cassidy Talsma, Cole Hopkins, and Allison Hohenshil
7th Place Fossils: Hannah Potts and William Yang
5th Scrambler: Jasmine Walker and Amanda Hohenshil
4th Wind Power: Jun Sun and William Yang​
4th Write it Do it: AJ Lampner and Binnaz Shiak 
10th Write it Do it (C): Lauren Elicker and Allison Hohenshil

Way to go Copley-Fairlawn! You should be very happy with your results. Our next competition will take place at the University of Akron on March 12th. We will be competing against the schools in our region with the hopes of attending the state competition in April. Good luck regional teams!